The Ever Expanding Unnamed Universe of Geiger

When you first come into contact with the Geoff Johns-created Unnamed Universe, you’ll find you have an expansive Universe to explore. What Johns began with the comic series Geiger mushroomed like an explosive cloud into multiple series that crisscross characters and events.

The storyline’s many spinoff comics make it tough to follow the action unless you read the comics in order. That means starting with Geiger’s first issue, which places the characters firmly in the future. The entirety of The Unnamed Universe stories spans history from 1776 to 2050, but not in chronological order. Think of it as a comic series that uses Star Wars’ storytelling systems.

The Series as a Whole

Johns’ characters begin in the 21st century in Geiger, but their settings change. Here are the events and characters of the Unnamed Universe:

  • Geiger
  • The Unknown War
  • First Ghost
  • American Widow X
  • Junkyard Joe
  • The Monster
  • The Northerner.


While the first issue, Geiger, and Junkyard Joe, probably top the list of well-known issues in the series, without reading all six, you won’t understand the complete story arc.

That story arc centers around a universe experiencing unusual challenges and issues and how one man handles the choices he must make. The tragic hero, Geiger, faces the apocalypse with verve and depth to his characters. The series explores its characters in an in-depth way that readers of Stephen King came to expect with The Gunslinger series. Geiger receives the Roland treatment from Johns, providing far more character depth than most graphic novels.

What is the Unnamed Universe?

During the Unnamed War, Geiger’s planet incurs massive damage that ends the known civilization. As a part of the Unnamed Universe, Geiger must survive, thrive, and contribute of himself to the new, developing civilization. Each issue past the original either adds to the history or builds on the future of the Universe.

Junkyard Joe

The spinoff comic, Junkyard Joe, revolves around the robot that first went online in 1972. Audiences meet this patriotic robot in his 100th year of online “life.” Programmed to protect and serve his country with programs that only allow him to do good, the moral robot recounts much of the history, especially epic battles, and protects his country, which goes at odds with the everything-goes nature of the Unnamed Universe.

The Immortal Redcoat

The main Geiger series also introduced the character, The Redcoat, a battle-worn, yet immortal fighter whose way of the warrior offers another spinoff. He receives his own in-depth exploration in the related “The Redcoat” comic, in which Junkyard Joe and Geiger also appear.

The Unnamed Universe has room to continue expansion. With all of the history available, plus pre-history, and other continents to explore, the comic’s creator has limitless possibilities.

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