Night Cream

The Best Night-Cream For Skin Brightening Pigmentation And Fairness

The night is the best time when your skin can repair itself from the stress and pollution of the day. Are you utilizing the time properly?

Unfortunately, many beauties do not have a night skincare routine which leads to skin pigmentation and dullness. Hence, you must have the right pigmentation cream and serum so that your skin can heal from the damage of UV rays, pollution, dirt, humidity, and stress.

Why Should You Use Night Cream?

Soothes Your Skin

Night cream for pigmentation help to soothe irritated skin, reduce dark spots, and evens out your tone. Following a night skincare routine helps to provide the necessary nourishment to your skin that helps it to repair.

Keeps it Hydrated

Due to harmful sun rays and heat exposure, your skin might get dry and dull. The right serum for pigmentation and cream locks the moisture and heals the skin from sun damage. The skincare regime helps you to get a fresh plumpy look in the morning.

Boost the Collagen Production

Your skin produces collagen when you’re sleeping. Pigmentation cream helps to boost production and improves the elasticity of the skin. It also aids in improving blood circulation, purifies your skin, and brings the inner glow.

Which Night Cream Should You Use?

Activ Beaute has some effective night cream and serum for pigmentation. The active ingredients in the product work like a charm and provide you with evident results within a few weeks of application.

Brightening Rich Night Cream

This product is designed to boost the collagen production of your skin for a younger look. The natural marine active ingredient and TrueGlow work on your dark spot and reduce 60% of pigmentation in eight weeks.

Anti-Pollution Rapid Recovery Night Cream

Rich in natural ingredients like chia seed oil and pomegranate extract repair your damaged skin and minimize your dull appearance. Within a few weeks of application, your skin feels soft, healthy, and vibrant.

Anti-Pollution Rapid Recovery Night Cream is a dermatologically tested product that gently takes care of your skin without any chemicals.

How to Apply?

  1. After washing your face with a mild cleanser, apply a small amount to the night cream for pigmentation.
  2. Then gently massage the product all over your face in an upward stroke motion.
  3. Make sure that the product does not come in contact with your eyes.

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