The Best Dog Breeds For Every Type Of Traveler

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. With more and more people bringing dogs into their lives during pandemics, humans are feeling the joys of dog ownership worldwide.

However, for the keen traveler, bringing a dog into your life can seem a bit out of reach. My pet suffers from separation anxiety. Do I take them with me? Do I leave them at home? What if they don’t like the sand, new people, or packed crowds?

Don’t be afraid. Dogs are very adaptable, just like humans, and some are perfect for traveling life.

Whether you’re a beach bum, an urban recreationist, or a family travel group, these are the perfect breeds for your lifestyle and travel habits.

Best Dog for Beach Lovers: Labrador Retriever

So you like to spend your well-deserved vacation lying on golden sands, sipping cocktails, and diving into a good book. Luckily for you, Labrador Retrievers are also excellent and make the perfect vacation companion.

They love the water and make great companions, and whether you’re spending a lazy day or indulging in beach sports, they’ll match your activity level and energy.

Best Dogs for Outdoor Explorers: German Shorthaired Pointer

If hiking, rock climbing, and exploring the outdoors is more your vacation style, then the German Shorthaired Pointers will be your ideal canine companion. They’re energetic, adventure-ready, and built for exploration.

These dogs are great swimmers – perfect if your adventures take you into the water. Initially bred for long hours in the field or at the lake, the German Shorthaired Pointing Dog has strength, speed, agility, and stamina – the perfect adventure companion.

The best dog for the urban explorer: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you enjoy city vacations or like to travel in a more urban environment, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an excellent choice for you.

Their friendly temperament and adaptability mean they are great around many people and being highly social dogs, new faces and friends are not a problem for them.

They are not energy bundles or lazy dogs, so they will happily trot along with you as you explore the urban jungle without having to run around in large green spaces.

Best Dog for Backpackers: Boston Terrier

Got a backpack ready for a long trip? A Boston Terrier should be at the top of your packing list! You can take your furry friend anywhere with a Kuoser dog pack.

The friendly nature and easy socialization of the Boston Terrier make them the perfect backpacking companion for those who are away for more extended periods and frequently visit multiple locations.

They have enough energy to explore yet cold enough to sit in transportation for long periods, making them the perfect companion for long trips. They’re intelligent, friendly dogs with a variety of personalities, so if you’re a solo traveler, they’ll help you make new friends in no time!

Best Dogs for Business: Border Terrier

Suppose you don’t have much separation between work and leisure time, and your only opportunity to travel is to fly between business meetings. In that case, the Border Terrier is ideal for you.

Their low grooming needs make them perfect for busy people, and they’re intelligent and independent, so they can be left alone when you need to attend your next meeting.

Best Dogs for Family Vacations: Golden Retriever

Part of a travel package? If your family enjoys vacationing together, you need a dog that’s friendly, patient, and active. Enter: the Golden Retriever.

They are both friendly and tolerant, which means they are patient with children and happy to meet new friends and strangers. They are active enough to participate in family activities but are just as excited to relax when the rest of their people are not around.

They are also naughty and gentle dogs who quickly feel stressed in public places.

What kind of traveler are you? Do you have a favorite dog breed to travel with? Then let us know in the comments below!

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