The Best Chalk Paint Available In Australia

Chalk paint has gained popularity with time since it has a unique texture giving that farmhouse-chic appearance. The application process is simple and does not require special skills to undertake the task. The paint is easily compatible with almost all surfaces and does not require much drying time. A wide range of colors allows you to choose your favorite one. For such reasons, chalk paint has been embraced by a lot of people across Australia. In addition, the paint plays a great role in ensuring that any piece that receives its touch is completely transformed, having a new look.

There are many great options of chalk paint at your disposal, including;

Rust-Oleum 30 oz. Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

The particular chalk paint has managed to be among the leading brands in Australia. The paint is helpful in helping different projects add the rustic charm regardless of its initial appearance. The paint is versatile and does not require a lot of stirring before starting the actual painting process. Found in 11 different colors, the paint eliminates the endless hassle of selecting the right shade for your project. The Rust-Oleum 30-ounce Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint creates an elegant finish to any surface, be it wood, metal or glass.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Are you looking for a way to conceal a stained fabric or modernize an antique piece using chalk paint? Look no further since chalk paint by Annie Sloan will help you easily forgo the hard work of reupholstering. The aim that Annie Sloan had when creating chalk paint was to help both beginners and experts make their work look appealing. Besides transforming fabrics, this paint works magic on glass, metal, and wood, with just a little amount going a long way.

Recolor Paints Winter Water-Based Chalky Paints

The paints work perfectly well in restoring wood furniture since its color is noticeable even by applying a single coat. When you buy a quart of this paint, you are likely to save three water gallons and 3.2 pounds of CO2 emissions. To obtain an opaque finish, you will be required to apply a second coat approximately 30 minutes from the time you apply the first coat. In addition, the paint comes in 20 different colors giving you a wide range to choose from.

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The Spruce Best Home Chalk Paint

The paint is found in multiple shades, the most affordable option available in the market. It is highly recommended since it is water-based, and a little amount goes a long way. The paint does an excellent job of covering old pieces of furniture, concrete, glass, metal, and many other surfaces. To attain the best results, you must start with sanding or priming any surface before embarking on the painting journey.

Bottom Line

When choosing chalk paint, ensure you settle on one that is non-toxic and odor-free since it is friendlier to the surrounding. Chalk paint is highly appreciated since it is low maintenance, and different options are available for different surfaces.

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