The Best Cannabis Chocolates Found in Marijuana Dispensary in California

My lower back has been bothering me for quite some time now. I’ve mentioned before that only cannabis has helped me with my condition. Despite not taking NSAIDs or any other kind of painkiller for over a year, I have been able to participate in activities that once would’ve made me worry about flareups.

There are, of course, many ways legal marijuana san francisco to consume cannabinoids – whether you choose THC, CBD, or a combination of both. (I recommend that you take both.)

My collection includes tinctures, bath bombs, gummies, gum drops, taffy, balms, body oils, sublingual strips, and vapes. (I believe you should try everything at least three times. If you don’t enjoy it after trying it three times, then there’s a 99.99 percent chance it’s not for you.)

I’ve found that chocolate is my preferred method of delivery after traveling to states where recreational cannabis is legal (and spending a lot of money on the research process). Isn’t that great? The chocolate is delicious. They can be transported easily. The packaging always catches my attention–I’m shallow like that. They’re also very comfortable to wear.


I love Dixie’s Birthday Cake white chocolate bar with sprinkles – hands down. How can you not? There is a vanilla flavor without being overly sweet. Also, it’s festive and fun. On top of that, it delivers an adequate dose (8mg). It’s not overpowering. Nor is it weak. While the label does not indicate whether it’s sativa- or indica-dominant hybrid, I suspect it’s more indica than sativa. When I consume Birthday Cake, I feel a general mellowness coursing through my body-nothing cerebral at all. In many cases, I cut each square into quarters and micro dose. Taking a disco nap is not necessary, but it can make you feel mellow and loose. The fact that Dixie launched its Go Green initiative and partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit that works with reforestation organizations around the globe to plant trees, may be of interest to you if you’re an environmentalist.


The chocolate edibles from Deforce are like Hermès. Chocolate-wise, it’s about as gourmet as gourmet can get. The packaging is gorgeous. There are so many flavors to choose from. I also enjoy the just-right dosage. One 5mg triangle (there are no squares in the bar) and you’ll notice there isn’t much of a “high,” which I prefer. Instead, you are a tad less stressed and neurotic than you were an hour ago. No matter how many servings you eat, you won’t feel paranoid. There will be no munchies. You won’t be stressed out about the little things either. In a nutshell: It’s a high-quality bar with a feel-good taste. I would have consumed whole bars with my favorite cognac had I not known it was infused with THC.


Jetlag is rarely an issue for me. (And if I use it as an excuse to avoid something, I’m probably lying.) I guess I’m just lucky. I do, however, travel quite a bit, and I rarely stay in my own apartment for more than a month. Whenever I experience jetlag, it’s always severe. Whenever I need to get my body to rest for a full nine hours, I turn to this method. There’s something about it that puts me to sleep in less than an hour — it’s delicious and has a satisfying crunch. Additionally, I don’t wake up with a hazy hangover that sleeping pills almost always ensure. When I wake up, I bounce out of bed, make my chai, and I’m ready to go. Please do not consume this when you’re getting ready to watch Game of Thrones. You will not survive.


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