The 6 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Blogs are a fantastic method to express your thought while also keeping your thoughts neat and structured. Not only are most blogs extremely customizable, with the ability to change the design and add images, but blog articles may also be readily shared with others. If you have something essential to say, a blog post is an ideal method to convey it.


Below is the #6 best free blogging platform to express your thoughts with more closure.


#1 WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet. You receive your own subdomain, unlimited bandwidth, and 3 GB of media hosting with WordPress. You also have access to a plethora of free website templates that may be modified to your liking.


If growing your audience is your first concern, you may use the Jetpack plugin to manage SEO, analytics, and activity on your site. It can also help you with social media sharing.

Considering how important a role website plays today, especially if it is a WooCommerce site, providing a website with a security plugin like WP Reset or WP Force SSL is a must.

Because WordPress is so popular, you’ll discover a thriving online community of support on the WordPress forums. If you run into any difficulties when creating your blog, you may seek assistance in the WordPress user forums.


Also, it renders services to buy WordPress themes that are outstanding for bloggers to shape their blog page artistically. Attractive displays and themes with added features increase the footfall vigorously.


#2 WIX


Wix is a website builder that makes blog creation simple with its drag-and-drop features. The platform prioritizes looks, with hundreds of completely customizable well-designed templates at your disposal. Your blog will stand out because of the wide array of design elements and visual material, which includes vector graphics and color palettes.


In addition, you will receive your own allocated URL, 500 MB of storage, and 1 GB of bandwidth to get your blog up and running. Wix also includes SEO tools that will assist you to improve your blog’s search engine rankings. If you have any confusion between wix and wordpress, just head toward compare wix and wordpress.


24/7* Customer assistance is available on facing any issues setting up your blog.


#3 Blogger


Blogger is one of the webs oldest and most popular blogging systems. Because Google owns Blogger, you can be confident that your blog will be housed on one of the most secure and dependable servers on the internet.


Being a member of the Blogger family entitles you to your BlogSpot subdomain. You may also link your custom domain for free, which is something that not many other free blogging platforms provide.


Blogger provides 15 GB of storage space for premium images and videos, limitless bandwidth. Pre-designed template themes and layouts are available. However, if you know HTML and CSS, you may customize the templates to your liking.


Blogger’s content management system is straightforward. Blogger has its built-in statistics, but you can connect Google Analytics to better properly measure your blog visitors. You may also link your blog to Google AdSense, which will allow you to earn money from readers who visit your site by displaying automatically relevant targeted adverts to them.


#4 Medium


Medium, a relatively new publishing platform, hosts journalists, bloggers, and publishers.


Because of Medium’s clear, simple layout, you can get right started posting without being distracted. You may add photos to your blog entries, and the design editor lets you change fundamental components like the site header, fonts, and background. The medium does not allow you to modify your blog as substantially as other blogging platforms to keep things simple for your visitors.


In-built analytics display information such as total views, the number of individuals who read your full content, and traffic sources.


#5 Weebly


Weebly is a website builder that promises to make creating a personal website simple for anybody.


Weebly will give you a subdomain to host your blog, 500 MB of media storage, and unlimited bandwidth as a free user. If you value SEO skills and want to make use of Weebly’s limitless bandwidth, the settings menu has basic SEO features.


Weebly allows you to express yourself with about 50 pre-built responsive designs that are jam-packed with all the functionality you want. Building a blog from the ground up is a difficult process. Weebly’s community forum, as well as email and chat customer service, will assist you in troubleshooting any blog-related difficulties.


#6 Tumblr


Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to submit short-form media and text. Tumblr allows you to upload nearly any sort of media, such as text, quotations, images, links, audio, chats, and video, in an easily shareable manner.


Users are given a free subdomain to put their blogs on, but they can also link their custom domain for free. There is also an infinite amount of bandwidth and media storage.


There are hundreds of free themes to select from, but if you are comfortable with HTML. You may also connect your Tumblr blog to Google Analytics to precisely measure visitor activity on your blog.


Lastly, the platform showcased is easy-to-use and is one of the needed ones for a blogger, and with no difficulty in setting up.

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