Take A Glamping Staycation In One Of These Maryland Tiny Homes

What could be better than spending some time outdoors, enjoying nature with the ones you love? In today’s hectic times, getting outside for some fresh air might be just what you need to reconnect and clear your mind.

Understandably though, not everyone is thrilled with being outdoors lacking the modern, indoor amenities we have come to know and love.

Believe it or not, even states like Maryland have several luxury accommodation options so even the least outdoorsy people can take advantage of a glamping retreat. You can get surprisingly good results with sharing tips like these on your TikTok account as you will find your target audience there. For quick and guaranteed results buy tiktok likes.

Glamping In The Sugar Magnolia

Situated among 13 other tiny houses at the end of a private cul-de-sac, on the Blue Moon Rising property. This tiny home boasts a spacious layout that is suitable for up to 4 people.

With two beds and seating for 4, you can bring along your favorite friends or family members. Enjoy the fun loft area to really take in all the views of nature.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Deep Creek Retreat Tiny Cabin

With three bedrooms in this tiny house everyone will be able to enjoy some privacy on their glamping retreat.

Tucked away in the forest, this tiny house features a unique, antique oval window that illuminates the modern kitchen island with intricate patterns.

Enjoy modern amenities like updated furnishing and convenient WiFi.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Orion Glamping Cabin

Visit some time alone with the one you love in this perfectly cozy and quaint tiny house.

Suitable for two people, with one bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms, the Orion Cabin is a great way to escape to the outdoors with modern features.

With quirky and fun touches throughout the house you’ll feel safe and protected stargazing all night long.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Cairn Cabin In Maryland

If you are going on a small retreat with friends this cabin is the perfect option.

Small enough to spend intimate hours telling stories with friends and loved ones, but large enough to spread out, the Cairn Cabin features two bedrooms, with enough seating for four people.

This cabin even has a fun loft space with a window that gives you a bird’s eye view of the trees.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Funkomatik Tiny Home

Enjoy a home that is made of upcycled materials! From the metal roof to the board and batten siding this house was created from unwanted construction materials.

Large enough to sleep four people, this cabin also has a wonderful view overlooking fern gully to the rear of the property.

Plenty of room to enjoy a fire at night to roast some marshmallows!

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Blue Sky Cabin In Maryland

Appearing like a normal sized cabin, this small property packs a wallop.

With plenty of room to sleep four people comfortably, this small cabin has a large kitchen, spacious bedroom, and wonderful front porch to sit on and enjoy being outside in nature.

Plus, this home features a cool loft space that is home to the second bedroom.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

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Moonshadow Glamping Cabin

With a beautiful and modern exterior, Moonshadow Cabin will not disappoint on your next glamping adventure.

This cozy and private one bedroom home is perfect for two people to enjoy a weekend getaway.

With all the modern amenities you have come to love and expect packed into one small tiny home you will feel comfortable while still enjoying time spent in nature.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Evergreen Small Cabin

The name of this cabin comes from the distinctive green roof covering this cozy retreat.

Large enough for two people, this house is the perfect way to getaway with the person you love.

This house also features a sprawling kitchen for you to use and enjoy spending time making meals together as you unwind and relax in nature.

The one bedroom is hidden, tucked away in a fun loft with amazing views of the trees.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Luxury Camping In The Kaya Cabin

Rustic and beautiful with a fantastic element, this cabin is sure to please those with a whimsical heart.

The Kaya Cabin is well suited for two people to enjoy. Made of reclaimed materials, this home is situated in the perfect place to overlook the community.

With quirky but modern elements sprinkled throughout the house, this one bedroom home is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Located in McHenry, Maryland

Staycation In A Custom Tree House

Climb up, up, and away! This cozy home suitable for two people is a private and custom built tree house.

Enjoy being raised above the ground and be able to use all the modern amenities you have come to expect.

With a full shower, functional kitchen, and large living area you’ll be sure to enjoy this fun tree house.

Plus, with plenty of land in front of the house you can enjoy an evening fire sitting with friends.

Located in Nottingham, Maryland

Glamping In A Cozy Hut

If you want to be able to enjoy spreading out in nature with friends, the Cozy Hut is just the right place for you.

Perfect for four guests to enjoy, with two bedrooms, this cabin gives you the privacy you crave with the modern touches you need.

This house features a small camp stove, access to a bathhouse, and plenty of space for people to spread out. Enjoy the private land surrounding the house with room for a fire or hammock.

Located in Oakland, Maryland

Little Piece Of Heaven

This one bedroom home is perfect for you and friends to come enjoy nature in style.

Easily able to sleep four people, this one bedroom home gives you enough room to spread out, while still being close to the ones you love.

This home features a large kitchen and plenty of space outdoors to enjoy a meal outside or an evening fire.

Located in Oakland, Maryland

Tiny Home On Wheels Rental

One of the larger one bedroom tiny homes available, Ginger is perfect for a couple looking to get away.

With a large kitchen, plenty of space in the family room, and a large bedroom, this is a great option for the “glamper” in all of us.

Unlike some other tiny homes, the Ginger home features a real staircase leading to the bedroom, compared to a ladder like others.

Enjoy this easy and convenient way to get to bed at the end of a long day.

Located in Knoxville, Maryland

Riverfront Tiny Home

If you want the views a river provides, with the comforts of a tiny home, this is the best place for you.

With one bedroom this home is spacious enough to still accommodate three guests.

With a light and bright common space, functional kitchen, and outdoor shower, the riverfront tiny home is perfect for hours of fun spent on the beautiful river.

Located in Denton, Maryland

Glamping In A Cozy Hut Rental

Tucked away in the forest this tiny hut is perfect for you to still connect with nature in a safe, secure, and modern way.

With the ability to sleep two people this cozy hut features a comfortable bed, rustic kitchen facilities, and plenty of space outdoors for you to connect and enjoy nature.

This house gives you access to a nearby bath house with modern bathroom facilities.

Located in Oakland, Maryland

Blackwater Cabin Rental

Located on a beautiful plot of land, the Blackwater Cabin is quaint and cozy.

This home is able to accommodate two people in a one bedroom cabin that is roomy enough to feel comfortable, yet cozy enough to stay connected.

With a high ceiling and plenty of natural light, it’s possible to stay connected with nature while still enjoying the modern amenities you crave.

Located in Cambridge, Maryland

Luxury Camping In A Stylish Yurt

Enjoy camping in the round with your own private yurt! This is a great way to stay safe and secure indoors, while enjoying a practical, yet unique architecture style.

The yurt is roomy enough for two people to enjoy the one bedroom, one bathroom, provided in this home.

Modern and beautiful this home features state of the art facilities and a wonderful decorative touch.

Located in Frostburg, Maryland

The Original Hob

With beautiful interior styling and plenty of room to spread out, this one bedroom cabin is perfect for people who want to feel like they are sleeping in nature with the modern amenities a hotel room provides.

The cabin features a bed and small sitting area, with access to a shared kitchen and bathroom.

This cabin is one of three other small houses that share the facilities.

Located in Oakland, Maryland

Yurt Camping At A Goat Farm

What could be better than spending the night in nature? Spending the night on a goat farm!

This unique opportunity allows up to four guests to enjoy a modern and spacious yurt.

With a large and spacious bedroom, this cabin has access to a shared kitchen with modern amenities like a refrigerator and camp stove.

Located on a quiet river, this is the perfect way to connect with nature.

Located in Friendsville, Maryland

Modern Tiny House Rental

This unique and modern tiny house is perfect for a couple looking to get away from it all.

The home features a large kitchen and common space, with a lofted bedroom. Enjoy a proper set of steps to the bedroom instead of a difficult and clumsy ladder.

This home is perfect for two people to share with one bedroom and one bathroom. This home even features a small washer and dryer, with plenty of space outdoors to spread out and enjoy nature.

Located in Monkton, Maryland

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