Steps to Take To Use A Metal Detecting Device Effectively

You must have seen in movies that a person is uselessly sweeping a metal detector on the ground in the hope of finding something interesting. But his efforts are never rewarded. The reality is the opposite because you might find something valuable in different locations. Certain ways will make metal detecting finds easy.

How Can You Use Devices Effective for Metal Detecting Finds?

Metal detectors are devices that help find different things in various locations buried underground. A metal detector consists of a stabilizer that enables the person to sweep easily. A control box that sends and receives signals. The search box has coils used for detecting. A shaft is a rod connecting the control box to the coils.

You need to follow the steps below to use the metal detector efficiently.

Acquire Permission from Property Owners

First, you have to know where to go treasure hunting without any restrictions. The private property owners will often allow you to treasure hunt without getting any permission. But there are a few who demand a written permit to use the metal detector on their land. So, you must know for whom you will need a permit.

Selecting the Right Device for a Specific Area

You will find three types of metal detectors used for finding items at different depths of the ground. Very Low-Frequency metal detectors are used most commonly, but they can detect things found only eight inches deep. The Pulse Induction metal detectors go deeper than the previous one. The Beat Frequency Oscillator metal detectors are the most inexpensive and best choice for beginners.

Know the Correct Technique to use

The right technique of using a metal detector will increase the device’s efficiency. The device has to be closest to the ground. Keeping the metal detector at least one inch away from the ground has been recommended. The movement of the device has to be sideways in a semi-circular shape.

Join a Club or Society for Treasure Hunters

It is good to join a treasure hunting society, club, or association. You can be in touch with other hunters to know the latest news, developing laws, and trending technologies that will effectively help use the metal detectors.

Prevent the Device from Getting Wet

If you are using an underwater metal detector that you bought from stores like Teknetics Direct, then the material used to make them must be waterproof. If you are metal detecting with a normal device, you have to protect it from water by using waterproof coverings.

Reduce Damage to the Property

You have to make sure that the land or property you are metal detecting is not damaged except by digging for the items you might find. The treasure hunters also must fill up the holes that they dug up.

Hand Over the Findings to Authorities

Every US state has its laws about handing over the findings by a metal detector. The treasure hunters have to know the state’s laws as to which things have to be handed over to the authorities and what items can be possessed by the property owner.

Don’t Metal Detect in Restricted Locations

According to federal laws, there are certain places where metal detecting is prohibited, and even getting permission will not do you good. These places include public parks where historical and ancient monuments are situated, on the premises of government buildings, and some private beaches.

Practice before Starting the Actual Sweep

As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. You have to practice first; so that you can find valuable things under the ground.

Mark the Areas Already Swept

It has been recommended to sweep the land twice after changing the settings, but that has to be done after the initial sweep. You can mark the areas where the devices for metal detecting finds have been used.

Every treasure hunters who want to use a metal detector have to follow these steps to do metal detecting effectively.

Here are three questions that will enhance the concept of metal detecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far down do metal detectors work?

A device used for metal detecting finds can search at three depth ranges. The lowest frequency is ten to twenty centimeters. Medium-range metal detectors can go thirty-five centimeters deep, and the specialized ones can detect up to twenty meters deep into the ground.

How can I make my metal detector more accurate?

The best way to make a metal detector accurate is to change the settings on the control box according to the metal and type of land you want to use the device on. Also, you need to select the device and its accessories carefully.

Are all metal detectors waterproof?

No, only the metal detectors used underwater, on beaches, and at riversides are made of waterproof material. Other protective gears like waterproof coverings are used to safeguard the equipment from getting wet.

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