Sexual Harassment Training – Everything You Should Know About

According to a Washington Post poll conducted in 2017, 64 percent of Americans believe workplace sexual harassment is a serious problem. This number has increased from 47% in 2011, which indicates that American workers are increasingly concerned about this issue. Many companies have started implementing internal programmes to educate their employees on acceptable workplace behaviour and the consequences of sexual harassment in order to protect their workers and their reputation. Nonetheless, the use of online sexual harassment training has increased among American businesses.

Organizations looking to train a large number of employees about sexual harassment can greatly benefit from online training. When it comes to understanding how this works, its effectiveness, and finding a good programme that best fits your company’s needs, many business owners and executives remain unsure of how to proceed. To better understand how online training for sexual harassment works and the benefits that follow, read on. You also need to know sexual harassment training requirements by state.

Boosts morale in the workplace by fostering good working relationships

Is sexual harassment training required by federal law? People’s mortality has been influenced by the findings of scientific research. People with obesity were 20% more likely to die early, alcoholics were 30% more likely to die early, smokers were 50% more likely to die early, and people with poor social relationships were 70% more likely to die early. Your employee’s health and life expectancy will be negatively impacted by sexual harassment. Having a clear understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment and how it is not tolerated in the workplace is an important part of sexual harassment training. Employees’ stress and burnout levels can be reduced, which in turn increases productivity. 

Aids in the detection of sexual harassment in the workplace

It was found that 47% of people who participated in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s fourth telephonic survey said they had been harassed at the time. Sexism in the workplace Learning about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour can be accomplished through training. You need to know Sexual harassment training requirements by state. Training can help clear up ambiguous situations and show how unchecked behaviour can lead to harassment or discrimination.

It increases the loyalty of employees

All new employees are required to attend mandatory workplace compliance training on topics like sexual harassment prevention, workplace bullying prevention, and workplace discrimination prevention during orientation and on a regular basis thereafter. because they’ll be happier and more productive as a result.

Legal liability is reduced

If an employee files a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by a coworker, the company will be investigated to see if any of its employees have received training on anti-harassment laws. In addition to the loss of money, your company’s reputation, stakeholder value, employee turnover rates, and other factors may suffer if they discover that no training was provided. Many people overlook the importance of ensuring that all reasonable steps are being taken, including having policies in place and providing regular training to your employees.


Is sexual harassment training required by federal law? It’s a no-brainer to invest in sexual harassment training in the workplace when you consider the benefits of doing so. In addition to showing your employees that you care about their well-being, it safeguards your company and could save you thousands of dollars in investigations and claims for vicarious liability, preserving your stakeholder value, retaining employees, and preserving the credibility of your brand.

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