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SEO services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a most popular term in digital marketing. SEO is not just about ranking for popular keywords. It means ‘be there, in need’. In simple words, when a user searches for a keyword, your website delivers the content for what user came.

More than 90% web traffic comes from search engines. The most tricky task of SEO companies in Mumbai is to find how users search for a query, and where keywords come to play. SEO makes your website more visible on Google, which means it makes it easy to find you. The beauty of SEO is that you can find your interested customers online with less effort.

SEO services from BrandStory

Building a website is the first step in the long journey of maintaining a successful website. SEO services from Best digital marketing company in India can help your business continue to grow and earn more revenue one you buy backlinks.

If you are thinking about working with BrandStory, you’ve already thought about getting benefits. They will drive more qualified website traffic, leads, revenue and a comprehensive website analytics strategy to track and adjust your marketing efforts. Their skilled search engine optimization experts research the relevant keywords for your business, ensuring your website is gaining high quality traffic that converts into possible consumers.

How a SEO website can add value to your business

SEO services from BrandStory helps to drive success in two ways:

  • Acquiring new customers, leads and subscribers
  • Improving brand traffic and increasing return on investment (ROI)

BrandStory flourish SEO strategies that drive top ranking keywords, traffic maximisation and revenue.

  1. Improve credibility: Regularly improved content strategy, fast page speed and high quality keyword research help your site rank higher. The website which is ranked high on search engine result page (SERP) and boosts the credibility of your business.
  2. Maximise PPC campaigns: Paid and unpaid marketing strategies work together. Both marketing strategies drive results but SEO helps your site appear on top of search results organically. PPC campaigns results appear at the top of the search engine results page helps in boosting your brand’s credibility. You can use both paid and unpaid strategies together to get better results.
  3. Reach more people: SEO helps your website to gain a more targeted audience with less effort. Other than PPC campaigns and advertising, if you target the right keyword to the right audience, you can target more customers who could be interested in your business. BrandStory creates a list of high quality keywords to rank for, and uses competitive research to identify your competitors, what keywords and backlinks they are using and through this information, they create a better SEO strategy for your business.
  4. Lead generation: A search engine optimised website generates sales and drives traffic. With the help of targeted keywords visitors visit your website and now it’s your responsibility to convert that traffic into sales. Leads can be captured through contact forms, calls to action, newsletter sign-ups and other means of contact.

There is another reason why SEO is important that SEO strategies are the pillars of any business to grow. People started investing more time in keyword research to find authentic content and optimise your website. Customers are more interested in your product, if you provide them valuable information rather than selling the product.

SEO is not a let go thing. It requires more time, strategy, effort and patience. Websites should be promoted all the time. You have to spend initially but by hiring an SEO agency like BrandStory, your long lasting results will save you money in the future. Your website will be audited and created a rich SEO strategy for your business. Be confident in your journey when you work with BrandStory SEO professionals.


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