SEO Content Writing Style Guide for Authors

Content writers prove a crucial component in any successful marketing strategy, especially when it involves digital marketing. A business like this website has to find a suitable and qualified SEO writer to build their brand awareness besides the required online presence. Becoming visible on the world web can successfully hold the key to market and sell a company’s products or services. According to, as an SEO content writer, you have to possess all the required elements to make it a reality and practical. 

As a content writer dealing with SEO writing, you will need a practical style guide to develop an effective content marketing approach. However, not every content writer proves averse to style guides. Therefore, consider the following guidelines for style guide writing if you have no idea how to go about it.

The Ultimate SEO Content Writing Style Guide

  • Targeting. It becomes pivotal to think of your target audience before settling on your writing style.  For this reason, conduct a broad audience targeting drive to ensure that the content you end up writing will resonate and force them to read. A target audience can get defines by sex, age, education level, interest, social status, online behavior, etc. You can then develop your writing style accordingly.
  • Vocabulary. Writing styles hinges on the type of vocabulary use we employ. Therefore, depending on the content’s purpose and target audience, you will have to pick the correct vocabulary. Here, think of options likes technical, formal, everyday, and jargon vocabulary.  After that, remain consistent and use a similar language type throughout your write-up.
  • Tone and voice. Content marketing always encompasses raising brand awareness besides connecting individuals with the specific brand at a personal level. It implies that your audience will read the content and relate it to your entity or brand. Therefore, use a distinct voice and tone while writing the content, and use it consistently. However, try and base the voice and tone of marketing on the brand type. For instance, Mercedes uses a formal, educative, and strict tone and voice to market their products, while M&M uses a laidback, entertaining, and fun marketing voice and tone. 
  • Dependability the writing style you deploy should focus on the write-up’s content quality, concept formulation, and how the content sounds when it gets read. So ensure that the write-up you end up subject to your audiences proves valuable information, knowledge, has reliable facts and offers solutions to the problem presented. For your content to become dependable, rely on google scholar, credible magazines, academic papers, etc. Highly reliable and credible content will get appreciated by your audience. 
  • Accuracy. The accuracy of a write-up always determines how much an audience will trust the content. For instance, you face a challenge you know nothing about and tries to solve it by looking it up on your preferred search engine such as Google. After that, a compelling result comes, and you dig in to read, only to notice a severe spelling mistake. It will not only make you distrust the source but make you opt-out immediately. What will come to mind will encompass an amateur writer who wrote content they had no idea about, so ensure that you analyze and proofread your work before publishing. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes, wrong structure and word order, etc. In instances where you feel confident in proofreading and editing your work solo, then you can always enlist the help of online editing tools to improve your style and accuracy as a whole.

Consider apps such as Hemmingway, readable, Best Essay, etc. you will enhance the accuracy of your work and increase its readability.

Final Thoughts

The writing style that an author decides to settle upon when writing SEO content will depend on the content’s intent, target audience, and aspects such as the brand’s identity. It implies that every writer has to have the capacity to adjust writing styles based on the clientele’s needs. Therefore, try and consider the style guide provided in the article to develop a unique writing style that will serve you and your client. However, please ensure that your content delivers the correct message in the intended way to become effective.

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