Rust Game – Essential Tips And Tricks For Playing Like A Pro

Rust is a game of survival that can only be played in multiplayer mode. After the launch, it soon became everyone’s favorite. The most striking thing about this game is that you can chase no specific goal, target, or strategy. The gameplay depends on the individual player. Because of its unique features, gamers enjoy this game thoroughly.Minecraft is similar to rust game. In minecraft you create things and for better gaming experience you can try Minecraft Prison Servers.

Though there is no set of rules to follow, you need to make your own gaming strategy to settle in the game and survive longer. Here, some of the best tips are mentioned that will help you to play like a professional gamer.

Tips to become a Rust Game PRO

  • Selecting server

Choosing the right server at the beginning is very important. If you have selected an almost full server, you will most likely get killed before the actual game starts. To test your skills and understand the game, always choose a less crowded server and try out different techniques for survival. When familiar with the game, you can switch to more crowded servers and face strong opponents.

  • Weapons

You need strong weapons for your survival. So, after joining the game, you must craft a spear. Never start exploring your surroundings without any weapons. You will be in the middle of a battle before you know it. 

So always be prepared. You will need stronger and updated weapons for the next stages, but spears are easy to find and craft. They are also cheap. Moreover, a well-crafted spear is enough to survive initial battles.

  • Decoy

After making your base, be prepared to face multiple raids. When someone raids your base, they take whatever they find. Thus you are left with nothing. A decoy can save some of your important items from getting raided. When you use a decoy, the raiders think they have taken all available items and leave your base without searching further. Thus, you can keep all your essentials in a hidden place and offer them lesser loot.

  • Hiding items

Everyone in the game tries to hide their valuables in an undetectable spot. But there are some common hiding spots that every player uses. So, you need to find a better hiding spot. One of the best tips for the Rust game is, using the foundation for keeping your important items. You can use camouflage or optical illusions to complete this task. One can make their base in different ways, so the method relies on the individual player’s choice. For more tricks and tips, you can go to

  • Sleeping bag

In such a brutal game like Rust, safety is one of the most important things. You need a secure place to sleep. So, one has to build a safe sleeping bag for themselves as they join the game. When you have a handy sleeping bag, you save yourself from the frustration and hassles of traveling. 

When you farm Hemp fibers, you get the cloth. You need to keep your eyes open for these small plants, or else you are going to overlook them. You will need 30 pieces of cloth for one sleeping bag, and each plant gives you ten cloth so that you can craft a bag easily.

  • Hitting rightly

If you want to survive this game for a long time, you must be careful while collecting stones and woods. A red X mark will appear when you are gathering your resources. Hitting that X mark will give you more items quickly. So, look for the X marks and hit that without any delay.

  • Eastside animals

Animals in the world of Rust play a significant role. They help us craft weapons and feed ourselves. But some hostile animals are very dangerous for our survival. So, knowing the movement of animals is important for every player. 

All wild animals in this game move to the East, so go East if you want a good hunt. But, if you want to avoid animal attacks, choose Westside roads.

  • Med kits

Med kits will help you to stay alive for a longer time in this game. You will find them placed on the hot bar because of their urgency. When your weapons decay and get damaged, you can consume med kits. Most players run out of med kits because of their negligence at earlier stages. So, you need to craft them as they help us to fight our opponents.


These are all the most useful tips that will help you play this game better. As mentioned above, there is no good rule for this game. So, you are free to make your own rules. You can try following all these tips and tricks to see some visible improvements. Last but not least, practice and dedication will make you a pro player of Rust.


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