RTX 3070 VS RTX 3080: which one is better?

In a modern time where people are shifting towards better performance in every field same thing is going on in the gaming world. Surprisingly online PC games have gained so much attention in the last few years than any other field. When it comes to professional gamers they are constantly in search of a good PC setup that allow them to play heavy-duty games.

RTX 30 series have the best graphic cards that will make the gaming experience more memorable. With so many common and unique specifications it is very difficult to select one product. RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 is the most modern graphics card with tremendous features. One has to make his mind about buying a cheaper RTX 3070 or investing his money on an expensive RTX 3080.

Comparison between RTX 3070 and RTX 3080:

  • Clock speed

When it comes to construction and key features there is a huge difference in the performance of these graphic cards.  The base clock speed of a graphics card plays a great role in its performance, the higher the speed of the clock better will be the performance. RTX 3080 has a better clock speed of 1.53 GHz than RTX 3080 that is limited to only 1.44GHz but it can be increased up to 1.71GHz.

  • Memory and configuration

CUDA cores play the role of backbone in determining the performance of any graphic card. Higher the value of CUDA cores better will be for the ability of the graphic card to handle and perform the multiple functions without any compromise in its efficiency. RTX 3070 has 5888 CUDA cores while this value is 7804 for RTX 3080 much higher than its previous generation.

A huge difference in the performance of these graphic cards also arises from the difference in the width of the memory interface. RTX 3080 has a wider interface of 320-bit and RTX 3070 has a 256-bit interface. RTX 3080 is much better for game playing at 4K with better resolution and frame rate. A better cooling system is present in RTX 3080 that will keep the temperature in control by pushing hot air out with help of cooling fans.

RTX 3070 is also capable o gaming at 4k speed. With RTX 3070 there are chances of getting slower performance but all the tasks can be performed smoothly with RTX 3080.

Features that are required in CPU for RTX 3080?

Hundreds of CPUs are available on market, but when it comes to pairing with RTX 3080 there are some unique features required. Graphics cards will work properly only if they are used with a perfect CPU. If you are unable to choose the best CPU your graphic card will be of no use. Following features are necessary for CPU for RTX 3080:

  • Number of cores

For a multi-tasking CPU of a high core, a number is required. RTX 3080 is designed to handle the multi-task but it will be possible only if your CPU has a large number of cores. For RTX 3080 always consider CPU with cores ranging from 6 to 12.

  • Clock speed

For gamers and content creators Best CPU for RTX 3080 has a higher clock speed. Higher clock speed will lower the loading time of the website and your game will start immediately after opening a webpage. A minimum clock speed of 4.0GHz is essential for perfect working with RTX 3080.

  • Cache speed

Cache Speed is another important feature in the CPU that makes data access easy between CPU and Ram. Higher will be the cache speed lesser time is required for accessing data. In modern CPU three types of cache speed are present L1, L2, and L3, and the last one is the best and perfect combination for RTX 3080.


As RTX 3080 is the best GPU for 4k gaming CPU plays a vital role in determining its performance. CPU with higher cache and clock speed will be best for working with this modern graphics card.

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