Royal Stag

Royal Stag – Introducing India’s authentic whisky.

If you’re just learning about whisky, Royal Stag is a great place to start. The brand was founded in 1995, by Seagrams India. Seagrams has been around since 1857, and is one of the most respected liquor companies in the world. Their flagship product is Royal Stag, which has become popular across the globe thanks to its unique taste and quality.

Royal Stag is an Indian whisky that falls under the blended category. It’s made from a combination of imported scotch and well-aged Indian whisky distilled from molasses—with no added flavorings or other ingredients. It’s aged for several years in oak barrels to develop flavors of vanilla and caramel, as well as hints of spice like pepper and cinnamon on the finish.

What Makes It Different? 

Let’s dissect what makes Royal Stag bottle a stand-out whisky.

  • 100% grain spirit: Royal Stag contains no artificial flavours, making it extremely versatile and smooth.
  • Matured in handpicked oak barrels: Each barrel is carefully selected to ensure that the whisky retains its unique taste.
  • A perfect blend of grain and malt: The perfect combination of grain and malt gives it a distinct taste that’s not too harsh on the palette, so you can enjoy it neat or over ice with no qualms about bitterness. 
  • No artificial flavours or chill-filtration: All this means is that you’re getting an all-natural whisky with no additives or unnatural preservatives. Royal Stag’s alcohol percentage is 42.8%. This also allows for a bolder flavour in each sip!

With all these great qualities, it’s easy to see why the Royal Stag bottle is the perfect whisky for any occasion! Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work or looking to find your next favourite cocktail, there’s nothing more enjoyable than good company paired with some great drinks like Royal Stag Barrel Select and more. 

The Story of Royal Stag 

The first sip of Royal Stag whisky is a revelation for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It has a rich, smooth, and complex taste with hints of honey and vanilla along with an elegant peaty aroma. This makes it break from the rest of the grain whiskies to offer a delightful malt experience in every sip.

Royal Stag’s unpretentious charm is what makes it such a beloved whiskey across India. It was created keeping in mind the aspirations of young Indian men who are confident about themselves and aspire for bigger things in life.

Crafted by world-class experts at Pernod Ricard, Royal Stag Whisky embodies this spirit of ambition with its unique blend that delivers an experience, unlike any other grain whisky. Made from select malts and the finest Indian grains, Royal Stag has come to stand for aspiration and excellence

Final Words 

In conclusion, the Royal Stag is a unique whisky that makes a great addition to any liquor cabinet. The history and flavors of India are embodied in its smooth, rich, and spicy taste. As it continues to evolve and improve, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this celebrated blend.

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