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No matter how religiously we remind ourselves of potential file damage while using our PCs to avoid them, accidents still happen as we end up with what we tried to avoid. Finally, there is a solution to the problem with the video repair tool Repairit. Repairit video repair does repair video with as much efficiency as it does repair files of other sorts. So if you are on the lookout for a tool to repair corrupted PDF or to repair damaged PDF, Repairit video repair is your best option.

The Cause of PDF File Corruption

So before I walk you through the technical aspects of using Repairit to repair PDF, it is necessary to recall the causes behind PDF file corruption. Because any move towards file repair underlines the fact that we did not have a thorough understanding of the root causes of the problem in the first place. An unstable internet connection used while downloading or uploading PDF files can cause file damage because the former causes an abruption in the process. The same can happen if there is a sudden power failure or other factors that shut down the PC abruptly while uploading or downloading is in progress.

The problem of file corruption doesn’t always have to come from such external sources though. Internal causes like damaged storage devices that someone uses to store the PDF can put the file at risk. Relying on online or offline software-based PDF creators is pretty usual these days. But once they are of low quality themselves, the files they generate bear that stamp. Virus attacks and incompatible programs to open PDFs are two other possible sources of problems with corrupted PDF files.

Common Ways to Repair PDF Files

Given that corruption of PDF files is so commonplace, general wisdom tells us that there have to be common place solutions to fix them as well. Thankfully, in this case, our common wisdom does not run the risk of sounding naïve because there indeed are a handful of simple fixes you can use. Since the possibility of using PDF readers that are not up to the task is very viable, you can start with using another one to open the same file. In this way, you’ll know whether the problem was with the PDF file or with the program you were using. Your partial downloading is suspect. Try downloading it again.

You should also get the most out of Windows 10’s in-built backup tool. Do not disable it because it can help you retrieve the file in its pre-damaged state. You can and must use third-party backup solutions as an alternative to doing the same job. As far as virus attacks are concerned, well, get a solid antivirus ASAP.

How to Repair PDF Files with Repairit?

All of the above-mentioned processes work pretty well in situations like these. But you must also know that common wisdom also tells us that you cannot put a band-aid on a gun wound. Sometimes the nature of the problem is so unmanageable that it simply overwhelms these ready-at-hand solutions and makes them look like mere gaffes. Repairit can be your best option than to make an impact and do the seemingly undoable. Note that there is a caveat here though. Some damages can be beyond cure and Repairit under no circumstances encourages you to keep your false hope. Where this repairing tool becomes unique is in its relatively higher success rate.

One of the other main talking points on Repairit builds around the fact that it automates the entire repairing process to such a degree that you can take a backseat and see the magic unfolding right in front of your eyes. The process here is simple as it involves only three decisive steps:

  • After launching the software you got to select the ‘File Repair‘ option from the dashboard. Press the ‘Add’ button to bring in the damaged PDF files as solo or batch. Ensure that they are the right ones and remove the ones you included mistakenly.
Repair PDF Files
Repair PDF files just with a few steps
  • Press the ‘Repair’ button to initiate the repairing process. You can monitor the progress of each file and can manually terminate them as well. Success status will show you the files Repair could and couldn’t repair. You can seek further help from experts on the letters by clicking on the links attached to them.
Repair PDF Files
Repair PDF Files method
  • Press the ‘Preview’ button adjacent to the repaired files to get a glimpse of their quality. Click the ‘Save’ option to export and save them.
Repair PDF Files
Repair PDF Files method

Closing Words

Repair it, presented by Wondershare, is a multi-award winner third-party repairing tool that really can do wonders once put to task. Available for Windows and Mac, Repair also lets you have a taste of its performance free of cost by featuring Repair Online that helps you repair files of up to 200MB size.



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