Reasons Why You’d Love To Use Quilts In Summer

When it comes to accessorising your beds or buying bedding essentials, the theme of your bedroom, wall paints and many other factors matters, but what matters the most is a good night’s sleep. A Summer quilt can be one significant closet addition, especially if you are a cold sleeper; wool quilts can be the best bet. Unlike the common misconception, wool quilts can work even on hot summer nights without causing any discomfort, generating heat or getting itchy. It is so because wool is a natural temperature regulator, breathable and can keep you cool on warmer nights!

Benefits of wool quilts this summer

A disturbed sleep pattern can cause sleep disorders in the long run, affecting one’s mental balance. Sleep disruptions can occur for several reasons- improper bedding that jeopardises comfort can be one! When it comes to bedding, comfort is perhaps the most vital consideration, and a woollen quilt will not disappoint. No matter what time of year it is, wool offers maximum comfort. They are lightweight yet optimally cosy and breathable- just made for all weathers. Here is a list of benefits you will enjoy on investing in a summer quilt this time,

  1. Adds to feeling comfy in all bed types

Since summer woollen quilts are lightweight, they are also transport-friendly. Thus, you can carry them on travel to feel comfortable on hotel or resort beds that might be clammy. It’s because Australian summer nights can either get too hot or start turning chilly when you put your blanket off. This alteration in the temperature often results in disturbed sleep cycles and jeopardise comfort during night’s sleep.

When selecting a summer quilt, make sure it is permeable to allow extra body heat to escape naturally. Bamboo quilts are the new-age option and are very similar to woollen quilts. Bamboo wicks moisture away from the body, making the blanket less likely to adhere to you if you sweat a lot while sleeping, yet retaining enough heat to make it acceptable for colder regions.

  1. Bidding farewell to allergies

Moulds and dust mites flourish in moist, humid environments. These prevail in situations that are significantly more common in hot weather. Excessive sleep sweating with a bulky comforter can pave the way for moulds and other moisture-loving allergens to harbour. Though these may sound trivial, several allergens can be life-threatening, causing grave infections. Most fungal infections are not just complicated but also highly discomforting.

On that note, it is necessary to check out the hygiene factor when you invest in a quilt. Luckily, woollen quilts are moisture-wicking absorb and desorb moisture appropriately. Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic material, which means it is grown without pesticides or fungicides, which can cause allergic reactions.

  1. Add appeal to your bed

Summer quilts work best for hot sleepers. Especially if you would love to cover yourself with additional layers, a woollen quilt can avoid arguments over the bedsheet with your partner. However, apart from infusing comfort and hygiene to your bed, layering a woollen quilt can also increase the allure of your bed in no time. You can throw a cosy quilt on top of the sheeted bed. A textured summer quilt is another option to choose if you are more concerned about the looks. Make sure all sides are equal. Shake out the duvet before putting it on your bed to guarantee maximum fluff and volume. For added warmth, lay another quilt on top of the duvet. You can also roll up several light throws and arrange them in a basket at the foot of the bed.


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