Reasons that can lead to body strain and poor posture

Are you working from home or the office? All you need is a competent workstation. Employees spending 8-9 hours on their workstations daily need a perfect working space suitable to their every need. Either you are the one who is working from home and feels the lack of a proper workstation. Then we are here for you, providing you with complete guidelines about choosing the best workstation for you. You can have exclusive access to our online portal’s office furniture Dubai collection.


Sitting for an extended period naturally makes your body ache and sprains your neck, shoulders, and arms area. Poor quality and design workstation lead you to significant issues and problems of spine and shoulder. These issues lead to muscle strain and damage. To reduce these issues, it is ideal to choose the right office furniture for you that supports your posture and helps you keep a proper balance between body and weight.

Our team of experts and researchers has found the primary three reasons for poor posture and body pain.


  • Your desktop is not in an aligned position with your keyboard:

Many of us spend hours on the desktop completing our tasks while using monitors and keyboards, which requires perfect posture between the monitor and your accessories. A poor posture leads to spinal strain and neck aches.

Suppose your head and shoulders are not in a balanced posture, then it will have pressure on your neck muscles, ultimately leading to distraction. If you use multiple monitors, try to have all your monitors in a proper and equal space to limit your head rotation. Having your monitor at a perfect angle and height is mandatory as it will lessen the pressure on your eyes and brain. Otherwise, you will end up having more focus and energy while using a monitor, which will ultimately increase the stress level in your eyes.

Our office plus. We are delighted to announce that we offer exclusive imported German EGGEr quality office desks and chairs to our superior customers, which are posh in quality, design, and style. We offer office furniture collection designed with ergonomic features.

Our office plus offers an exclusive style of workstation desk where inbuilt storage is attached. It helps you keep your belongings like documents, notepads, staplers, and paperwork in one spot. Offering lock facilities in these drawers enable you to store your confidential documents near to you. This gives you extra space on the desk where you can complete your task quickly. We offer high-quality workstation desks. Offering every range of workstations in Dubai.

Another top seller collection of our modern office furniture Dubai includes height-adjustable desks, which can be adjustable and customized as per your height and size. You can use adjustable height desks either to work while seating or in a standing position. Using adjustable height desks is the most beneficial way to have healthy movement as you are unable to realize that for many long hours, you are in a seating posture which increases the chances of obesity and heart diseases. For which height adjustable desks are the best to have as you can work on a sit-stand desk as well.

Your accessories, including the keyboard and mouse, are not in a perfect position.

If your mouse and keyboard are not at a proper height or angle, it will definitely put force on your shoulders and muscles while you try to reach them out. This will lead to future risk injuries, including wrist and shoulder sprain. Make sure to have your computer accessories at a balanced height where you don’t need to bend or stretch your arms or hands. This way, you will be able to have a comfortable and gentle angle.

  • Seating for long intervals of time

As of now, many companies are spending a lot of money on sit-stand desks as these are the most trending office furniture in the past year. Other than the traditional office desks, height-adjustable desks and sit-stand desks have more benefits. It helps you have a straight and proper angle of your spine while doing your office work. This is definitely a healthy way to enhance walking and more body movement. It increases blood flow and activity in your body.

While using standing desks, you are able to walk and stand and sit with frequent breaks, which allows us to exercise and freshes our minds. Increasing productivity and efficiency as your body is more energetic and relaxed.

All the small details we overlook above lead to health risks and injuries. For which it is ideal always to seek guidelines and suggestions. Our team of professionals is there for you to guide you about your needs and the office furniture design that suits you best.

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