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With the growth of the online economy, the importance of bringing the last mile continues to grow.

Fast Trading (qCommerce) offers great growth potential. The Fast Trading Market is expected to grow to $ 525 billion worldwide by 2030.

And it will be global Quick Commerce Solutions. Mainly provided by food delivery, supermarket and trade Q-Trade The market value in the MENA region is expected to reach $ 20 billion by 2024.

Startups are now thriving with more than 10 companies competing with the fast food model industry across Europe. Ten companies alone have raised more than $ 2 billion so far. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

So let’s talk about what items are sold fast and what restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, CPGs and other chains.

Q-Commerce Meaning

Q-trading means trading fast and it is something you want to experience. It uses new materials, so delivery is faster.

They are no longer at snail speed – now they shine faster! Because Q-trading is designed specifically for your current needs, you will find that you are ordering things you can not. It also saves time shopping, reducing the workload instead of going to town to buy food or other items.

Quick Commerce: Third Generation Of Commerce

The term Fast Trading or Q-Commerce is not entirely new, but it is true that the time has just come, so we think it is worth describing.

A fast-moving business, as the name implies, is all about speed and simplicity.

It always refers to businesses based on simple products that bring home almost immediately and directly control the internet to provide a certain level of home-based services.

As you can imagine, qCommerce is inspired by the food distribution model.

This usually means that consumers can expect their products to be delivered within one hour of order.

This may seem like a very short time, but fast sales tend to be small and medium orders.

Q-Commerce vendors rely on electronic order systems (e.g., Blink), warehouses, and bicycle delivery operators to get their orders quickly.

When you think about it, e-commerce has been around for a long time, providing restaurants with fast delivery times. It was a matter of time before consumers waited for the same delivery times for other products.

The Rise Of Q-Commerce

The Food and Beverage Factory (F&B) was the worst industry during the COVID pandemic.

State restrictions on food imports around the world mean retailers and restaurants need to look at other ways to add experience to consumers’ homes.

In restaurants, this means not only managing meal delivery times, but also setting menus for easy delivery.

As for suppliers, it meant providing the same type of product experience and level of service, but switching to online media.

Both F&B and retail need to be flexible and make quick decisions between speed limits in order to continue to operate successfully.

Even after this epidemic, much-needed procurement and digital procurement is a necessity for the retail and food industry. An important factor that kept businesses alive during the epidemic was their ability to help consumers without having to go to their stores.

How Quick Commerce Is Meeting New Demands

One thing that is clear is that COVID-19 has declined slightly in many countries – faster service delivery is something consumers have become accustomed to two years after the epidemic.

In addition to restaurant orders, customers can order what they want on websites and apps and are easily delivered to their door within 60 minutes.

However, now is not the time to slow down. Although we are at the forefront of the QCommerce economy, we as a business need to constantly challenge ourselves to improve our customer experience.

Customer Expectations In QCommerce

Consumers expect to get what they want and get it the way they want it. With Blink Fast Trading solutions, department stores, retailers, pharmacies, you can ensure that the best buyer delivers to your door or anywhere else of your choice.

Also, if you are building a relationship with your customers, expect them to appreciate it. With Blink Fast Trading Services, you can offer rewards, rewards programs and special promotional discounts and introduce your loyal customers.

Vendor/Partner Expectations In QCommerce

At Blink, we are committed to helping our partners reach as many customers as possible. We offer a toolbox that allows and facilitates access to the Quick Trading ecosystem for a small fee. We help businesses provide customized websites and applications. Additionally, Blink’s Quick Commerce package package offers additional cost-cutting tools and makes it easier to serve customers offline or online.

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