Proven Tips For Public Speaking

Proven Tips For Public Speaking

Public speaking is like a nightmare for many people. You may also be one of those who always try to avoid public speaking, whether it’s an office or any other gatherings/meetings. Nowadays, public speaking has become part and parcel of every job, and you can’t avoid it at all. If you want to master the art of public speaking, then you are on the right page. Following are some easy-to-follow tips to nail your next job presentation or public speech.

Prepare With Full Enthusiasm

Preparation is the basic rule for any kind of successful public speaking. Great speakers like Stephen Gleave always prepare themselves with enthusiasm. Create your speech or presentation with comprehensive research. Spend time making notes and points which you want to present. If there is a certain topic to speak about then keenly research it. Add interesting facts and figures regarding the topic to keep the audience engaged. You can make slides too according to the situation or event. Remember, preparation makes you confident and eases your thought process during public speaking.

Overcome Your Nervousness

Nervousness is unavoidable; even experienced public speakers can feel nervous or sometimes blank on stage. When you are nervous, then your heart starts to beat so fast, and your forehead begins to sweat. Sometimes this situation leads to panic attacks. To avoid or control such a situation, you just need to take a deep breath. You can do breathing exercises before starting public speaking.

Be Comfortable With The Pause

It is true that pauses affect the audience’s engagement and sometimes distract their attention too. As a public speaker, you must know that you can’t avoid pauses while speaking. Taking a pause is normal while speaking, but pauses should not be too long. You must know how to handle a pause tactfully. Moreover, don’t overthink about perfection and audience; these are the distractions; just focus on what you want to deliver or speak. Stephen Gleave, a lawyer from Canada always follows and keeps this tip in mind while speaking publicly. 

Work On Body Language and Hand Gestures

Your body language should be confident during public speaking. Many people usually fail to manage their hand gestures while speaking. Some people have a natural rhythm between their hand movements and speaking. Using hand gestures positively is a great way to emphasize important points.

Practice Is The Key

Every person is well aware of his flaws and fears of public speaking. Work on your flaws and overcome your fears by practicing. First of all, prepare your presentation and speech. Refine it and then practice it. You can even record your presentation and speech to improve weak points. You will become more confident every time you practice, and your speech or presentation becomes more refined.


Anyone can feel nervous during public speaking but to overcome that nervousness is the right thing. This nervousness and public speaking fear should not stop you from showing your true spirits. Must follow the tips mentioned above to boost your confidence and engage your audience. Moreover, don’t forget to work on your shortcomings to be a great public speaker.


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