Power Surges

Power Surges and How You Can Protect Your Home against Them

Due to the several complex systems that make up a modern home, electrical disasters are quite common. There are a few different types of these disasters with varying intensities, but power surges may be the most damaging of all. A surge has a few commonly occurring sources that surround your home. Thunderstorms, power outages, and old, faulty wiring in your home are only some of the major causes of this disaster.

A power surge can take a toll on your appliances. The heavier appliances in your home, such as the refrigerator, are much more likely to be affected during a surge. This is because they consume more power; the voltage being supplied to them is already quite high, and a surge adds to this to result in devastating consequences.

Any homeowner invests a lot into making sure their home is safe, and power surges can easily threaten that security. The following are a few ways through which you may be able to lessen the impact of a surge in your home.

Be Prepared and Act Quickly

The quickest and easiest way to dodge a power surge is to cut off the main power supply to your home. Power surges result in a sudden increase in your home’s voltage supply, which means that any appliances connected and operating at the time of the surge will suffer a sudden power spike. This could result in the appliances being severely damaged, and you may even have to replace them entirely. A lot of these appliances are essential in your daily life, which means you’ll have to face a lot of inconveniences if you’re unable to replace them at once. Disconnecting your appliances will ensure that none of that excess voltage will enter your home through your gadgets.

Being prepared is extremely important when faced with a power surge; you must be ready for anything that may happen. Maintaining contact with relevant outside sources can be very helpful, especially in the case of a storm. It can be helpful to keep an internet device, a first aid kit, and charged portable gadgets on standby.

Keep an Eye on Updates

In case of a major fault in the system, you’re very likely to be notified about a power surge in advance. One of the main causes of a surge is a grid switch at your electrical company. In this case, your company will likely inform you that the power will go out, and they will inform you of the hours in which it will be unavailable.

When it comes to natural sources, a lightning strike can also result in a surge. For protection against this, a good idea is to keep an eye on weather forecasts. Once you know a storm is approaching, you can begin preparing your home for a potential surge. Staying up-to-date will also help you determine how long a surge will be, so you can manage your resources accordingly. A surge can result in ambiguity, and this may help you be more aware of your surroundings.

Inspect the Wiring

One of the main causes of surges is problems with your home’s wiring. Old wiring systems can have problems such as damaged insulation, which can easily result in power surges. The current flow can be disrupted due to these damages, which is why you must have this problem fixed as soon as it’s detected.

Finding any problems with your home’s wiring can be difficult. Bad wiring can produce excessive heat and vibrate, which is a good way to detect faults. The wires can be loose or exposed, and these signs can easily be noticed on your home’s electrical outlets. If you don’t have enough prior experience working with electricity, it’s best to have a professional check for any problems with your home’s wiring, so that you can have a reliable electrical connection and avoid any inconveniences.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

The easiest way to protect your home against power surges is to get whole-home surge protection, and here’s why:

  • There are certain electronics in your home, for example, an expensive entertainment system, which are much more likely to be damaged during a surge. When you make this type of investment, it’s always best to have a safety measure in place in case anything goes wrong. That is where surge protection for your home comes into play.
  • Considering that this surge protection system will save you thousands of dollars in damages, they are quite affordable.
  • Unlike regular surge protectors, this service will secure every outlet in your home for the most thorough security.
  • Some power surges happen so quickly that you may not even realize it until the damage has been done. Whole-Home surge protection will keep your home safe in situations like this where you don’t have enough time to take necessary precautions.
  • This system not only protects every appliance in your home, its job is to make sure your home’s electrical system isn’t severely damaged. When a small power surge occurs, it is sent back to the breaker before it even enters your home, which keeps it from causing any kind of harm.

Final Thoughts

A Surge may not be the most common electrical disaster, but it can be the most damaging. The reason why surges are so dangerous is that their timing and intensity are often unpredictable. A power surge may result in you losing some expensive appliances – in extreme cases, it can even result in a fire, threatening the safety of your entire home.

Fortunately, damage from surges can be prevented. The previously mentioned tips will reduce the effects of a surge in your home.


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