Plan the perfect Bulk SMS Campaign with these Business Text Messaging Examples

A good SMS initiates action from the customer. In addition, when people’s phones are pinging all day, how do you ensure that the bulk SMS you send gets through? How do you ensure that your key message is relevant?

People are perpetually busy. Your message, therefore, should be brief. What you communicate should be clear and your call to action absolute and precise.

To this end, you should always strive to answer the what, why, and how of your text message:

  • What is the reason you’re sending the text?
  • Why should consumers read the message?
  • How can they engage with you?

Of course, there are exceptions, particularly when sending bulk SMS for emergencies. Also, when you are sending follow-up messages, the format might change, and the text might be longer.

Industry-specific Bulk SMS Examples

This post compiles a list of practical industry-specific bulk SMS examples you can emulate. Following this strategy, you can easily craft your brand messages and inject relevant tone and personality.

Please note that in all these examples, you can quickly fill the names of businesses, people, institutions, dates, references, and more with placeholders. An excellent SMS API gateway will allow you to achieve this.

Bulk SMS Templates for Retail & E-Commerce

For instance, if you run an online store, bulk SMS marketing can make a difference when you have a sale. It is also essential for announcing exclusive offers and discounts.

Here are examples of bulk SMS you can send.

  • Promotional Offer

Weekend offers! Enjoy 50% off [COMPANY NAME] this weekend! Ts & Cs apply. Send STOP to opt-out.

  • New Launch

Big news! An all-new range of [PRODUCT] is now available! Click [URL] to purchase it online. Send STOP to opt-out.

Bulk SMS for Financial Institutions

Bulk SMS in finance can be used to send out notifications and reminders on payments. You can also use the same method to send proof of payment.

Here are examples:

  • Payment Reminders

Hello Amanda, this is a polite reminder from [BUSINESS NAME] that your monthly instalment of [SERVICE] is due on [DATE}. Kindly reach out for more information.

  • Payment Receipts

Dear Chloe, a debit of Ksh. [AMOUNT] has been on your [ACCOUNT NO.] via Mobile Money. Transaction ID [REF NO.].

Bulk SMS Templates for Education

Schools can use bulk SMS for admissions, school closure, and events. Others include setting up meetings with parents, payment reminders, and performance-related comms.

  • School Admissions

Dear parent, admission for Form 1 students at [NAME OF SCHOOL] is now open. Click here [URL] to register.

  • School Closure

Urgent! [SCHOOL NAME] will close on [DATE] and reopen on [DATE]. Kindly check our website [URL] for more details.

Bulks SMS Templates for Restaurants and Clubs

Hospitality venues can also reap big from bulk SMS. By sending reminders, confirming bookings and payments, and updates about deliveries, they keep the customers coming back for more.

Here are a few examples:

  • Booking Confirmations

Hello Kemboi, thank you for booking! You’re welcome! We’ll be happy to receive you and your family at [TIME] on [DATE].

  • Delivery Updates

Evans, your order of [PARTICULARS OF THE ORDER] will be with you shortly. We expect your order to arrive at [TIME]. Enjoy.

Ready to Get Started?

The above are a few examples of the texts you can emulate for your business. You can borrow many more templates and resourceful tips from Celcom Africa. Sign up today and dive into Kenya’s cost-effective, user-friendly text messaging platform.

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