Packaging is the first impression your customer gets from your product. Packaging can change the outlook of your product and can change the perception of customers about the goods you are selling. Custom packaging is something a brand should be very concerned about and should know about what’s trending recently. If you are looking for Customize Packaging that attracts more and more customers, you should be able to make your custom packaging according to customers’ liking and trends. Some of the notable packaging trends of 2022 are explained below: 


As there is a saying that ‘Less is more. It’s not always necessary to add many colors, fonts, and different patterns altogether to your customized packaging. It sometimes decreases the interest of customers. They usually feel connected to those packaging which have a simple and minimal look, as a simple look is easier for customers to understand the specifications of products. Too many details can distract a customer. They can lose interest in the product, so you can also grab customers’ attention without spending a huge amount of money on complex design and detailing with less design.   


The primary and foremost objective of customized packaging is to secure the product inside. Everything else comes after the safety of the product. No matter what’s in fashion these days, safety is something that customers and the brand always prefer. Especially in the food industry, customers always prefer packaging that can save the food from toxins and contamination. And it’s not that you can’t do customization in secure packaging. Even for secure packaging, there are many options for customization, which can make the packaging unique and strong at the same time.  You may also like to learn about Eyelash Boxes Wholesale.


Customers find the product of their favorite by reading its name or logo on the packaging. So, for customer convenience, it is very important to use fonts on the packaging that are eye-catchy and easy to understand by the customers. Many famous brands have used creative fonts on their packaging to seem unique, and customers can easily identify them. Brands like Disney, Lego, Nike, Johnsons, and Jonhson are some famous brands that have applied unique fonts to make their brand name memorable, and customers also can easily find their products due to their creative fonts on the packaging. 


Customers always look for authenticity when spending their money buying any product. Sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate the original products from the dupes. This is why most famous brands are using QR codes on their packaging so that customers can easily check the originality of the product. Not only this, but QR code also develops a relationship between brands and customer because they can get knowledge about the brands and their details through QR code which makes customers feel more connected with the brand. 


Vintage has gained popularity for a few years. People use vintage bags, jewelry, clothes, pottery, etc. People feel nostalgic and get more attracted when they see something from the past. Many brands have started taking advantage of this point and have opted for a vintage look in their packaging. When customers see products packed in a box or packaging that has a vintage effect, their interest in that product increases.   


Customers these days are concerned about the environment and take steps to eradicate environmental pollution. They prefer recycled or eco-friendly packaging on their products. The popularity of recycled packaging increased in 2020. Due to customers’ demand, many brands have decided to use those eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled. So, if you also want the packaging which the customers most like, you should go for recycled packaging and then customize it according to the nature of your business. 


According to marketing experts, it takes around 90 seconds for the customers to decide whether to buy a certain product or not. The first thing that attracts the most is the look of the product and how it is being presented that why customized packaging is an essential factor for selling the product and making it different from the rest. 


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