The Top 10 Online Operation Software for Any Industry

Operations software can make or break a company. Choosing the right one to fit your business’s needs can be a daunting task, but it’s one of the most important decisions you can make. Different types of operations software are designed for different industries, company sizes, customer bases, etc. If you’re on the hunt for a new ops software and don’t know where to start, check out these ten recommendations for businesses of all sectors and sizes.

1) Loopio

If you’re looking for software that can help streamline your workflows, you’re likely looking for a machine learning operations software. Abbreviated as MLOps, programs like Loopio are cloud-based and allow for inter-team collaboration and workflow optimization. Loopio can handle multiple types of content such as images, files, and text, making it fast and easy for your team to keep moving forward.

2) Fabsoft

For data-oriented companies, Fabsoft offers full-featured data-mining tools and a strong information management system. This combination can allow your company to quickly evaluate options and find the right answers to critical questions for your continued success.

3) LogiNext On-Demand

Another cloud-based offering, LogiNext may be an excellent fit for your logistics and delivery company. Offering an Android app, this software allows customers to place requests for deliveries while allowing drivers and managers to track the completion of each request.

4) FlexiMobile

Next up is a nice offering for those in the restaurant industry. FlexiMobile allows easy printing of receipts, as well as secure payment processing for your customers. The program isn’t just for cashing out either. It can also handle reservations, guest waitlists, purchasing, and inventory management. Now your software can be as full service as your restaurant.

5) ngDesk

If your business requires a helpdesk for assisting customers with online ordering, look no further than ngDesk. This cloud-based software can handle the entire process from first customer report to full issue resolution. Best of all, it’s free and comes with no pesky usage limits or limited features.

6) Classpro

Offering class-based coaching sessions for your employees, whether or not you’re in the consulting and training field, can help boost employee performance and satisfaction. Delivering that content can be easy when using Classpro. This software allows you to build, host, and track completion on all of your classes. It also comes with a mobile app for training on the go. If you are in the education, training, or consulting field, it offers additional options for your customers.

7) Maxpanda CMMS

You may find yourself looking for a new database information management software. If so, Maxpanda CMMS may be just what you need. This program allows you to track customer contacts in a CRM database, manage inventory, and manage all your concurrent projects in one simple-to-use interface.

8) UniTEX

Developed specifically for the unique needs of the textile industry, UniTEX is a business management solution that allows you to handle ordering, inventory, billing, and even revenue prediction in one convenient web app.

9) Pipefy

Pipefy is a great option for smaller businesses that need workflow automation in a hurry and on a budget. This low-code/ no-code software offers a very gentle learning curve, allowing it to be deployed in your company quickly and easily. It’s free for up to 10 users and can help keep everyone on the same page and on the right track.

10) Service CRM 24/7

The last (but certainly not least) software offering on the list is designed for the service industry. As its name implies, Service CRM 24/7 allows you to track customer contacts, monitor employees out in the field, and create easy and effective storefronts to showcase your products at any time. It does all of this through a mobile app, letting you stay informed and productive even on the go.

When choosing an operations software, consider the needs of your business. Do you need inter-team communications? Mobile app functionality? A simple easy-to-learn program or one that is more customizable? Determining the answers to these questions, as well as considering your budget, will help guide you to the perfect choice.

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