OGWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 2021 (Updated)

Rather than using the official WhatsApp on your smartphone, you may use the modified variant like OGWhatsApp APK to get Android. Together with the OGWhatsApp APK, you can get a lot of great features like solitude management. Airplane mode and several more. If you’re interested to download OGWhatsApp APK, then you’re in the ideal location.

Whatsapp is among the very popular and growing programs of the century. It doesn’t need any introduction because it possesses over 500 million active users every month. It’s the first program that we put in on our smartphone after obtaining them. OGWhatsapp is your modded version of the first Whatsapp with the addition of some most recent features that provide a user with easy and secure use. It’s possible to state that OG Whatsapp APK is dependable and free for the users.

What Is Og Whatsapp Apk ?

It permits you to have two distinct versions of Whatsapp in your own android smartphone. A third party programmer manages the OG Whatsapp because the program has its positive and negative sides. OGWhatsApp is a beneficial instrument for utilizing two WhatsApp amounts on the same Android cellphone.

It requires manual set up but that isn’t so difficult though. You may also need to test GB Whatsapp. For starters, you are able to customize the OG program depending on your liking and will create many adjustments that aren’t possible with all the official WhatsApp.

As soon as you set up OGWhatsApp in your own Android apparatus, the program lets you utilize two separate phone numbers with WhatsApp in precisely the exact same smartphone.

It´s a lot easier to set up OGWhatsApp than it may seem initially. -Step one is to make a backup copy of All Your messages (If You Would like to store them) and delete All the user info to the program (or you can just reinstall the program ) -The next step would be to rename the sdcard/WhatsApp directory to sd card/OGWhatsApp.

You can achieve this with any document manager for Android, even though it is a lot easier to do so from Windows. -The next and final step is to confirm your previous number from the OG version of WhatsApp, then verify your new number from the standard variant of WhatsApp.

That is it. OGWhatsApp is a really beneficial tool for users that wish to possess two WhatsApp phone numbers on their own Android apparatus.

Download Og Whatsapp Apk Latest Version


NameOGWhatsApp v9.10
Size42.1 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Last Update4 December 2020


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OGWhatsApp is a modified version of official WhatsApp that’s altered and several changes are made to create the user experience better. We can say it’s a third-party program that does not come from programmers of Whatsapp.

Although the OG Whatsapp new variant does not come in the official source, it’s still secure and safe to use. It won’t hamper your privacy whatsoever but because the OG Whatsapp is a third-party program we must look after some things so as to safeguard ourselves in the internet danger.

Utilize OG Whatsapp as secondary accounts: Use the main account that you mostly use for company and significant work. An open secondary accounts on OGWhatsApp new that you may use for casual chatting and get individual life.

Principal account has a great deal of significant data and company credential that should not move into the wrong hands if any internet risk happens to be there.

Don’t Overuse any attributes: Although OGWhatsapp is different from the first version of WhatsApp, each of the actions that you do in the program undergo their servers.

That is why we are indicating you don’t overuse any attributes and attempt to keep items from the limitation.


Possibility to utilize two separate WhatsApp accounts with various numbers on exactly the exact same phone.
More topics to personalize the program.
Quicker status messages.
The choice to send bigger movies, pictures, and audios: around 50 MB.
Establish passwords in order to get specific chats.
Service to deliver more kinds of document formats, like eBooks for example.
We can conceal our link status.
Possibility to deliver unzipped pictures, preserving their quality.
Backups and information retrieval.
Preview videos and images without no downloading them.

OG Whatsapp APK is your altered version of Whatsapp organized with the most recent features and created progressively secure and easy for the consumers. Irrespective of the manner that the Official founders do not arrange it yet it’s safe and secure to use.

This manner, won’t upset your security at all. Therefore, you can use and present it without weight. Another massive point to remember is that reliably utilize OG Whatsapp as your optional record to your and friendly visiting.

OG Whatsapp APK is your altered version of this Official Whatsapp equipped with the newest features and created more user-friendly and secure for its consumers. Above all, it’s created from the Third-party, not from the programmers of Official Whatsapp. Even though it isn’t meant by the Official programmers yet it’s safe and secure to use. As a result, it won’t ever disturb your privacy at all. Thus, you may install and use it with no stress. One other important issue to keep in your head is that constantly utilize OG Whatsapp as your secondary accounts for an individual lifetime and casual chatting.

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