Moving to British Columbia: A Step-By-Step Guide

Becoming a Canadian is desirable, however, it can be a lot of work. Below are some tips on how to go about moving yourself permanently to British Columbia. There are some ways to get ahead of the curve with the process. If you have a decent amount of savings put away, this could be a great start. You should have some sort of savings for moving, but if you aren’t a millionaire, here are some other ideas.

Provincial Nominee

Canada, like many other countries, relies upon its citizens to drive its economy. If you are a skilled labor-based worker or desire to create a new business in Canada, you can apply to the Provincial Nominee Program. 

There are some specific categories that Canada will take applications for and after you have submitted yours, they will be reviewed and submitted for permanent residency. This is a great place to start if you work in a labor-based industry such as tourism or hospitality.

Additionally, you should look into the program if you are in the medical field, natural or applied sciences, or a skilled truck driver. There are so many ways to become a citizen that it is worth just looking into if you have worked continuously in a specific field. It may be a long process to go through all of the applications, but it can grant you permanent residency.

Work Visa

Another way to establish your footing in British Columbia is to get your work or residency visa. This is a mountain of paperwork but it is rewarding in its own right. If you have already been looking into homes for sale in Vancouver, you may not need much convincing at this point.

There are many visas available to immigrants. After you have established if you are eligible to apply, you can then look into an open work permit or an employer-specific work permit. You may also be traveling to Canada for work purposes and possibly looking into permanent residency.

For all of these special instances, you will have to apply for a specific visa. There’s even a different type of visa for business people and business visitors. Canada has many opportunities for new immigrants but they are still thorough.

You will undergo background checks, physicals, written and verbal testing, and essential documents for travel. Sticking out the process can prove to be helpful when you are looking for permanent residency.

Money and a Plan

Regardless of where you plan to live in British Columbia, you have to take a look at the price of living in that specific area. Vancouver specifically can be quite an expensive city to live in. Researching your new potential hometown will help you gather essential information for living there.

If you have established a landing zone, you need to put away enough money for the moving costs. Rent prices can climb pretty high in the cities and you will most likely need first and last month’s rent and possibly a security deposit.

The overall income in bigger cities will mostly cover your living costs, but not much more. This is essential to be aware of. To live comfortably in Vancouver, you will need to make sure that you secure a job that pays you a little above the standard.

If you follow some of the information above, you can make sure you are pulling the proper income by looking into getting a work visa first. Once you can see firsthand how your income compares to your expenses, then you can make a sound decision on your move. 

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