Motorcycle Battery Comparison 2022

Many batteries give up the ghost at sub-zero temperatures. But especially with motorcycles, it is important to store the top quality hoverboard battery during the winter months in such a way that the engine starts immediately in the spring.

But even those who ride their motorcycle all year round have to maintain their motorcycle battery regularly. Of course, it is important to first buy the right battery for the bike. Motorcycle battery tests reveal what you need to pay attention to in order to start spring without a breakdown and enjoy the battery in the long term. Find your motorcycle battery with our comparison! Read More

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our motorcycle battery comparison 2022

The conventional type of battery is the acid battery. But now you also have the choice of motorcycle batteries with gel or lithium. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages to offer.

A particularly important feature of a motorcycle battery is its capacity. Monthly discharge, also known as cold test current, also plays an important role.

With proper and regular care and maintenance, you can do a lot to be able to use your motorcycle battery for many years. If the performance decreases, however, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

A motorcycle battery test also has the oldest design of a motorcycle battery to choose from. This refillable battery consists of lead plates and a mixture of acid and distilled water. Since this solution has to be refilled every six months at the latest, this motorcycle battery is particularly time-consuming to maintain.

Even a motorcycle battery test winner does not last as long as the bike itself. However, it is up to you to extend the life of the battery. It is important here to install the appropriate type and to follow the care and storage specifications of the manufacturer. Read More

With our motorcycle battery comparison, you can find out how many volts your motorcycle battery should have, whether you should use the best motorcycle battery of a well-known brand or whether a cheap motorcycle battery such as Lidl is sufficient for your purpose.

Gel and AGM in comparison

AGM, short for English: absorbent glass mat, are lead-acid batteries that are generally considered to be very maintenance-intensive. With an average self-discharge of up to a maximum of 5% per month, you can score points against gel batteries. A special form of AMG battery is the pure lead battery, which has particularly high starting currents and is particularly popular with BMW motorcycles. However, with over 200 euros, these are among the most expensive motorcycle batteries.

The gel battery-type motorcycle battery was the standard solution for motorcycle batteries for a long time before they were replaced by the previously mentioned AMG batteries. In contrast to the AMG battery, the gel battery consists not only of lead and sulfuric acid but also silica. The latter binds the sulfuric acid and prevents the electrolytes from escaping by creating a kind of gel. This process also gives this type of motorcycle battery the name.

A common feature of both species: is the relatively poor environmental compatibility. In this category, lithium batteries can score.

There are also MF motorcycle batteries and lithium motorcycle batteries. While you can get a maintenance-intensive motorcycle battery 12 V / 14 Ah with a lead-acid battery for a cheap 20 euros, the modern variants are more expensive. cheap electric stakeboards If you look at the price-performance ratio, the MF – maintenance-free, i.e. maintenance-free – acid batteries are the best solution. The technique is similar to the old lead-acid motorcycle batteries, but you don’t need to refill the solution.

When comparing the different types of motorcycle batteries, you can see what our product table already suggests: There is no one universal best motorcycle battery, because in a direct comparison you have to make concessions. Therefore, before buying, inquire about the manufacturer’s recommendation and compare the price-performance ratio of the motorcycle batteries with each other.

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