Making jewelry an asset for men’s styling

Making jewelry an asset for men’s styling

At first look, it seems like men approach jewelry in two ways: they either wear little to none or wear it excessively and appear like showoffs. However, if we manage to strike a balance and accessorize optimally, jewelry can add a great charm to our overall look, along with our clothing and shoes. Although jewelry is associated more with women, men can also wear jewelry explicitly designed to elevate their appearance. Men kadas, cuffs, bracelets, watches, earrings, tie clips, etc., are some popular male pieces of jewelry for those who like to accessorize. Let’s discuss some tips on how to include jewelry in your style like a man.  

Typical Pieces of Jewelry for Men

  • Men’s Earrings

There are many reasons why women feel men with earrings are attractive. The main reasons are that men who wear earrings are believed to be confident in their masculinity. Men earring also symbolize passion, sensitivity, and modern thinking. Some men’s earrings include magnetic earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, stud earrings, etc. Generally, face shape and skin tone decide the type of earrings chosen.

  • Men Kadas 

Men’s Kadas are worn on hands or wrists as a religious symbol. But they can also be used as a fashion statement which makes them look cool. Usually, men’s kadas are made from metals like gold, silver, steel, brass, bronze, etc. However, these days plastic-made kadas have also become popular and worn as jewelry by men.  

  • Cufflinks

Although Cufflinks serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean they cannot be treated as jewelry. When it comes to men’s jewelry, cufflinks are next to rings as the most worn item by men. Generally, cufflinks are made from metals and are inexpensive. But some men prefer precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum-made cufflinks with embedded decorative elements like enamel, sapphires, rubies, etc. Without a doubt, these add a touch of class to the wearer.

  • Rings

The most obvious piece of jewelry men have worn for centuries is a ring. Usually, they are wedding rings, but you can also see signet rings. Typically, rings are made from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum with stones embedded like ruby, red coral, sapphire, diamond, etc. Generally, men like to wear one on the ring finger, but there are instances where rings with different stones are worn on two to three fingers in each hand which might be a bit too much. Also, we have to be careful while wearing rings as they can scratch or cause injury to others or get jammed if we are playing sports.  

  • Bracelets, Necklaces & Chains

A more modern approach to bracelets is with precious stones such as onyx, tiger’s eye, or lapis lazuli. Although bracelets, necklaces, and chains are not part of the classic men’s look, younger men like to wear them with their casual outfits and create swag. Most bracelets, necklaces, and chains are gold or silver plated with precious stones placed in between.

Some tips on tips on how to include jewelry in your style

  • Don’t show off

The first rule of wearing jewelry is to avoid being ostentatious which will appear as a show-off. It can create an impression that you are insecure and have a feeling of not having enough value. Always remember jewelry catches the eye quickly, and hence the less you wear it, the better it is for your image. Too much bling is bad!

  • Don’t wear too much jewelry at once

There is a misconception that more jewelry makes your look more formal, which is not true. For example, suppose you have a bright and stunning cufflink, then the rest of the jewelry must be less sparkly so that it does not overwhelm your looks. 

  • Don’t wear oversized jewelry 

For men, a big gold watch or a big necklace may look cool, but it portrays a status symbol that may exude arrogance even though you are not in reality. It may give a look of a mobster, drug lord, etc. Hence appropriately sized jewelry like men’s kadas, rings, and necklaces will look stunning, adding to your class.

  • Choose Jewelry that has a personal meaning

A pandora is commercially successful because it allows women to engrave certain events in their lives and make it a part of the jewelry. Men can do the same with their watch, cufflinks, rings, etc. and commemorate important events of their life.   

  • Select jewelry based on the occasion 

Always choose your jewelry based on the occasion as it may affect your image. For example, suppose you are visiting a funeral, then don’t wear bright jewelry that can make your center of attention. Also, if you are going for an interview, it is advised not to wear expensive jewelry as it may leave an impression to the interviewer that you don’t need a job. Hence, choose the jewelry based on the occasion and enhance your look accordingly.

Wearing jewelry is not just a woman’s thing but can equally help men enhance their looks if done right. The above tips will help you to make appropriate choices of jewelry based on your physical looks, occasion, and personal thoughts. These tips will also help you purchase quality products at the right place. Be it men’s kadas or watches, rings or cufflinks, always add something to your look that can help you improve your overall appearance and be at your best.

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