What Should I Look for When Choosing a Gel Nail Polish Color? 

The nail polish color wins most women’s hearts over the packaging, brand, design, and features. While most women like to decorate their nails, the aspect of nail polish they consider above all else is the color.  

According to research, the sensory appeal is one of the top factors in a female consumer’s buying decision of nail polish. Even if it’s the most luxurious brand, it might not appeal to you if it is not a color you like or the shade does not suit your skin.  


Here are some things to consider when choosing nail polish color:  


Your Skin Tone 


Though a person of any complexion can wear any nail color they like, the colors you look good in have a lot to do with your skin tone: 


  • Light or medium skin tone: Go for nude shades. Nudes typically work great for light-colored or medium-colored skin. If you have very light skin, try out a pinkish nude.  


  • Medium-colored skin: Nudes with a pinkish undertone or beige nudes will look great on your skin. Peachy shades of pink also work fine.  


  • Dark skin tones: Nude shades might not look as good with dark skin tones. For something lighter and less noticeable, try pastels. Very bright, vibrant pinks also work fine.  


  • Some universal colors such as pink, blue, purple, and red work for every skin tone. However, you have to choose the shade that complements your skin best.  


The Season 


Some colors are more appropriate for specific times of the year. Besides, transitioning your gel nail colors to reflect the time of the year could be fun.  


  • Winter: Think deep purples, silvers, light pinks, and gray. A deep rich black shade or burgundy also gives an edgy look to those darker shades of clothing associated with winter. Other colors that work great for winter include chocolate brown, olive green, teal blue, glimmering gold, taupe nude, deep berry-plum shade, and burnt orange. 


  • Fall: Try dark blues, silvers, purples, cherry shades, and burnt oranges. Go for gorgeous shades like cherry-red, mocha, blush, gold, bronze, mustard yellow, and deep pink. 


  • Spring: Spring is associated with bright, lively colors and bold tones. Think mint green, pretty pastels, metallic rose gold, pastel peach, grayish-lilac, baby pink, violet, magenta, and warm pink.  


  • Summer: Bold, vibrant, fun colors that feel warm should be your choice during this season. Make your beachside look pop with shades like greens, light pinks, bright reds, light nudes, and corals. Playful shades like sheer pink, turquoise blue, sun yellow, electric green, off-white, periwinkle blue, and fiery coral complement your warm-weather wardrobe.  


The Occasion 


Whether you’re going to a party, business event, or a vacation, there are different nail color options for every occasion: 


  • Any occasion: When you don’t want to worry about what to wear, a few classic colors work for all events. These include Bordeaux, neutral shades, pastel pink, dove grey, black, chrome, and sky blue. 


  • Formal occasion: Natural and neutral colors like beige and nude are less likely to clash with your dress once you find the right undertones that suit your skin. A classic French manicure or skin-toned nude (a nude closest to your skin tone) will go with any color of an evening gown. Other options to explore include classic red, oxblood, and black. Neutral colors are also great for interviews or business meetings.  


  • Parties: Bright silver is not too flashy yet screams fun. It is ideal for semi-formal events and fun parties. For those who love glamour, glitter nails could be your best bet. You can also add some crystals and gems on top for a dramatic look. If you want a look that depicts elegance, try dark purple. 


Your Personality 


Nail colors that you choose can reflect your personality to others—as such, wearing a bold, unique nail design could portray a strong, powerful first impression.  


  • Daring, outgoing, and confident: red nail wearers are potentially bright and fun. For extra confidence on important meetings such as a first date, try true red, candy apple, or red-orange can be your best friends.  


  • Edgy look: Black gives off the punk rock, edgy vibe. And it can appeal to your rebellious side when you pair it with hoodies, t-shirts, and leather.  


  • Energetic look: Go for bright colors like greens, oranges, yellows, and bright pinks. If you’re aiming for bold and lively, green or bright orange can add a touch of quirkiness to your look. Metallic gray is another color that depicts a fun-loving personality.  


  • Sophistication: Darker shades like deep purple or wine red or berry tones can reflect class and style. Deep colors also pair well with formal outfits like evening gowns.  


  • Soft look: If you want to give off a serene demeanor, choose muted colors. Played-down polishes like light purples, pastel shades of blue, and light pinks provide a soft, feminine feel.  


In Conclusion 

Besides benefits like making your nails gorgeous, beautifying your fingers with nail polish can make you feel confident and beautiful inside out. To get the best gel nail polish color that compliments you, consider your skin tone, occasion, season, and personality.  

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