Letter Flashcards App

Letter Flashcards App to Learn Letters for a Fun Way of Learning

Letter Flashcards App to Ensure your Children an Accessible and Great Learning Experience 

The existence of technology and apps had made children, parents and teachers access to learn letters, words, sounds and other information before learning to speak. Children love to explore and observe things in their surroundings and apps have become the most convenient and accessible form of learning letters, shapes, words and other objects. This form of learning method helps to ace their school grades and learn letters on the go. Studies have shown that children are quick to pick up things and love to learn letters and words that provide images and animations for an engaging development. 

Be it at home or utilizing the app at school, letter flashcards are not just a one-tool teaching method, it marks one of the most convenient ways for your children to learn letters and memorize them in their lifetime. This helps to ensure a strong memory and build better mental health to ensure an entertaining learning experience. 

Letter flashcards are a great way for children to learn letters and allow your children to keep them engaged during the day. Undistracted images and bold words help to enable your child to learn and memorize the pronunciation of letters and remember the images effectively. 

Holiday Educationist provides an easy-to-learn Letter Flashcards App that reaches a convenient way to learn letters and comprises real pictures to memorize the alphabets, letters, pictures and words without any struggle. 

Which Age this app is suitable for and which classes? 

The apple flashcard is targeted at those children that range from 1 to 6 years of age. With wide usage at lower primary schools and preschool levels, this app is suitable for all initial classes, pre-school and kindergarten levels. The app makes a great way to teach and allow your child to learn letters in a way that no app has ever made your child learn letters and access alphabets at your convenience! 

The letter flashcards app has made it easier for your child to learn letters that add a fun way to teach your child without any hassle. This hassle-free learning makes it easily accessible and allows easy-to-use procedures without acquiring any navigation issues and highly annoying notifications during use.

The app comprises healthy accessibility that is easy to use without hurting your child’s eyes and ensures an engaging development of learning letters where no distractions will hinder your child’s stimulation. This makes an accessible app for your child where it aims to practice memorization and build concentration and cognitive skills for a healthy mental level. 

Letter Flashcards App
Letter Flashcards App

Features and Benefits of Apple Flashcard 

For an easy-to-access function, the app has text label quiz mode to aid children to test their knowledge about the letters. This helps to build another level of learning each letter with clear and stand-out images to represent a readable flashcard for greater accessibility and convenience. You can teach and train your kids to learn letters easily rather than ensuring a one-way teaching tool to aid your child’s needs. 

This app will never bore your children and helps your child to enjoy learning letters and words and polishes speaking, reading and writing skills in the upcoming future ahead. 

With six different languages available, your child can learn letters in different languages to learn and develop a broad range of communication skills. Be it in French or Dutch, Holiday Educationist has Letter Flashcards App that lets you train your children to learn and pronounce letters and words in various languages. 

For ease of readability and ease of use, the app provides illustrations for every letter and word to keep your child engaged and active during use. Your child will not feel bored while using this app! The four selected fonts help to memorize letters and alphabets on the go. This saves from eyestrain and unnecessary distractions on the go. 

Holiday Educationist provides the ease of accessibility which the Apple flashcard app has zero distraction of any user interface controls. This ensures distraction-free usage where no loud music or bright background screen will hinder your child’s learning abilities. You can install and let your child explore and enjoy using this app! 

Other Features: 

  • Sound Effects 
  • Carefully selected colours 
  • Soft background music option 
  • High Definition content for retina display to reduce eye fatigue 
  • Swipe left and right gestures to navigate between letters 
  • Turn off label quiz mode 
  • Illustrations are provided for every word and letter 
  • Four selected fonts for memorizing alphabets and words 
  • Available in six different languages

Holiday Educationist have a team of certified teachers onboard to consult and proofread the content of the app for optimum quality assurance. This aids to deliver the proper learning application for your child to grow and develop fluent reading, speaking and writing skills in the future ahead. 

The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Huawei. Download the app now and it is free and easy to install! 

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