Court Marriage for Muslims

Legal Way of Court Marriage for Muslims By Lawyer

Court Marriage for Muslims:

If a Muslim couple wishes to conduct court marriage or online nikah, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The court decided that it is established that marriage in Muslims cannot be a ritual and is an agreement between two parties. It is certain that a contract has spiritual and moral undertones as well as undertones, but legally speaking, it is still an agreement between two parties, which could be dissolved in good faith. In Pakistan, the law that applies to court marriage or online nikah conducted in accordance with Muslim Law is The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (MFLO) 1961.


The MFLO is the law that prevails over any other law or custom or usage, and a wedding performed in accordance with Muslim law can only be recorded under the rules of the law. As mentioned earlier that a Muslim wedding is considered to be a legal contract, and to keep the deed of the contract in it is necessary to use a standard form, called “the Nikah Nama has been prescribed. The MFLO does not offer a guideline for “marriage” which is to be recognized as a valid marriage under Muslim law for court marriage or online nikah.

Muslims Marriage:

What defines an acceptable Muslim marriage and its requirements are issues that are managed by the general rules of Muslim law and jurisprudence. What is a Nikah? Nikah refers to an Arabic word that is mentioned in the Quran that refers to the act of a Muslim wedding. The marriage is the act of entering into the covenant of nikah, and, in a religious sense, there isn’t any specific ceremony that must be followed.

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Online Nikah:

Regarding the court marriage or online nikah no matter what the social and religious rules concerning marriage are, Muslim marriage is a contract. Its requirements areas in the following order: A) A declaration or offer (hijab) of marriage made by, or on behalf of one party, and an acceptance (qabool) from or for the benefit of another side, with the ability to get married, both parties expressing their wishes at the same sitting. The proposal can come from either. b) The full and free consent of both the parties (a guardian may give consent to minors in marriage consent, and it isn’t an invalid marriage even though there is a possibility of liability in the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 (CMRA))[3[3].

Sane Muslims:

 The presence of mature, sane Muslim witnesses (two males or one man and two females. Dower fixation (mahr)6. Then, examining every one of them in-depth: Offer & Acceptance The court marriage or online nikah is required to be conducted in one session. In order to offer and accept the nikah may be done through representatives (vakeel) and (see 55 The Nikahs may also be conducted via the phone or on Skype in cases where both parties aren’t physically in the same location. To conduct a Nikah, two parties and the representatives of both together with witnesses gather in one location. The second side (whose representatives are present) is reached via phone or Skype.

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