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Ku Casino or Kucasino is a reputable online bookmaker. KU casino Pro is always in the top 5 quality bookmakers in 2021. Log in, register, and download the app at the homepage https://kubet77.win/ to join the world-class online casino world, and receive many advantages attractive offers, and free trial bets up to 128k.

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KU casino’s Introduction

KU Casino is Asia’s leading online bookmaker. This bookie provides betting products and services that combine online entertainment such as casinos, football, lottery, etc. In the year 2020 -2021, the keyword Ku casino is searched and accessed by many people. Vietnam.

Coming to KU Casino, players will experience an epic game store that has been upgraded to a new level. It is a super modern 3D technology interface, a young, beautiful, and hot female Dealer, not only that but also enthusiastically supports to answer customer questions 24/24 extremely quickly.

What is KU Casino?

Ku casino is also known by another name, Kubet. This is one of the online betting gaming websites developed by Thien Ha Bet. … This house offers a full range of attractive games. Online casino: dice, baccarat, bazaar, sic bo, over and over… Sports betting: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis. Lottery online: play online lottery, keno, lotto bet lottery speed … 

What is KU Casino?
What is KU Casino?

Also provide 3D game games or Slot games, other attractive exploding jars such as Kim Binh Mai, Golden Flower, Blackjack…

Ku Casino operated in which country?

Ku casino is headquartered in the center of Manila, Philippines. This bookie is licensed to operate by Pagcor – the entertainment and gambling commission in the Philippines. All betting business activities are strictly supervised by Pagcor under the management of the Philippines. Thanks to that, the games are fair – transparent – and pay clear and fair settlements.

Is KU casino legal?

Currently, KU casino is legally doing business in the host country. In Vietnam, online betting is still not legal. Therefore, when participating members, need to comply with responsible gambling. To ensure the direct entertainment that this house brings.

Is KU Casino reputable?

Ku Casino is the most prestigious online bookmaker in Vietnam today. During 3 years of operation in the market, the Ku casino brand has always been known by many people. The number of registered members is increasing day by day. Prove that Ku casino is a reputable bookie.

Does KU casino cheat players?

Before participating in betting at the KUCASINO house, many players wonder that “Is the casino a scam?”, is it a scam?”. This is understandable for betting enthusiasts. Because the factor of fairness, transparency, and credibility is always put first. 

Does KU casino cheat players?
Does KU casino cheat players?

For the Ku casino house, all betting activities are under the supervision of the Asian betting association. This ensures fairness – transparency and clarity.

6 factors that create the popularity and success of KU casino

The popularity and success of the Ku casino house are caused by many factors. Here are the strengths to create the outstanding development of KUCASINO compared to other bookies.

The interface of Ku casino is beautifully designed

Ku casino designs an eye-catching interface, especially user-friendly. So even if you play for a long time, there will be no pain relief or eye strain. Besides, the image, as well as the sound in the game, is also appreciated. Thanks to vivid, stimulating images and sounds, the excitement of playing the game will increase many times.

Vietnamese Dealers are beautiful and hot

Dealer is an extremely important person to create the success of the KU casino. The house always focuses on investing in the field of Online casinos, a special feature is the participation of beautiful Vietnamese female Dealers who deal cards and interact directly with players. Coming to KU casino, players can interact with extremely attractive Dealers. 

Vietnamese Dealers are beautiful and hot
Vietnamese Dealers are beautiful and hot

There is nothing better than winning a lot of money and talking with beautiful people. So hurry up and register to participate for a chance to receive many valuable rewards

Quick top-up  and withdrawal in just 5 minutes

After participating in betting at the KU casino, you have earned yourself a decent amount of money. Surely the next thing you want to do is withdraw that money to your account. Referring to deposits and withdrawals, new players will immediately think of going to the bank. But not when playing at the KU casino, you only need to deposit and withdraw within 5 minutes with just a few simple steps. With a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, players can choose whichever is most convenient for them.

Refund policy high rate at Kucasino

The extremely high refund policy when playing at KU casino is a form of returning a certain amount of bets to your family members, you will not have to lose anything about this. In particular, players will receive refunds very quickly without having to wait for weeks or quarters like some other bookies.

Professional Ku casino support team

An important factor that makes the success of the KU casino house is professional customer care service. Customer care staff is always on duty 24/7 to answer customer questions as quickly as possible. Players can contact the customer care staff via chat, Facebook, Zalo, etc. In a split second all your questions will be resolved quickly.

Ensure information security at KU casino

The KU casino house is always highly appreciated by players because of the extremely high security of customer information. When participating in betting at KU Casino, players are completely assured without having to worry about information leakage. 

The bookie also commits not to provide any customer information to third parties because this affects the interests and safety of customers. The KUCASINO house applies many modern technologies, so the KU casino is always a place for players to choose to deposit gold.

Ensure information security at KU casino
Ensure information security at KU casino

The KU casino house not only attracts players by its massive game store but also by its free services. The free service is applied by the house to both new and old members. Especially when you join a new member, you will immediately receive 128k to your account. And especially, the house’s free services will take place for a certain period, so hurry up and join at KU casino right away.

Watch full HD football for free

The KU casino is famous for owning a KU TV program system and regularly showing different football matches. Here, players can freely watch the best quality football matches without having to go far. The picture quality is always guaranteed in Full HD, so the number of players coming and going to watch football at KU casino is increasing.

Free Full HD movie store

In addition to watching sports football programs, you can choose to watch movies at the KU casino movie store. The movie store is completely free and full of movie genres from many different countries such as romance, action, and hot 18+ movies. When watching movies at KU casino, you can rest assured to watch without any transmission errors or lag.

Chat with hot girls at KU casino at (cool in live)

Coming to the KU casino, you can completely chat directly with the beautiful and charming goddesses. The sweet-talking style completely leaves you mesmerized. The launch program “cool-in-live” was well received by the majority of members who always believed in their long-term commitment.

Guide to betting at KU casino

Instructions for Ku casino’s registration

To participate in the experience of games at the house, members first need to have an account. How to register as a member of KU CASINO is quite simple. Instructions for registering on a computer You go to the link provided by the Ku casino website. Then you click on the item “register/login” in the right corner of the screen to appear the information tab.

  • Dealer account: Please keep the agent code intact to receive the fastest offers, customer service, and support from KU casino
  • Account: Enter an easy-to-remember login name and not exceed 10 characters. Example: BIGBET88
  • Nickname: Members enter their preferred nickname here. Example: HUP88
  • Login password: Members enter an easy to remember the password to use for the next login
Instructions for Ku casino’s registration
Instructions for Ku casino’s registration

Instructions for registering In fact, the interface of the web on the phone is quite similar to the computer interface. So you also proceed to click on the register button to proceed with creating an account. In addition, you can also Download the KU casino app to your phone which is both convenient and can play KU Casino anytime, anywhere. See registration instructions for Detailed casino KU for newbies. Members who successfully register for a member account need to log in to participate in betting.

KU casino login instructions

After successfully registering a member account, you need to log in to KU casino to complete personal information to facilitate depositing and withdrawing. Sometimes members can’t log in to Ku casino for reasons such as a dead login link or blocked link.

Ku casino recommends members to visit the official link of the Ku casino house below. Official login link Ku777 – Ku888 – Ku999 alternate login link Ku6101 – Ku6106 – Ku6110 Above are the KU login links for safe casino secure account information. Members should refrain from logging in with unofficial, fake links. Causing loss or risk to KU casino members.

Instructions for top-up KUcasino

Ku casino house always supports transaction portals to help members top up quickly within 2 minutes. Here are 7 methods of depositing money into your account at our bookie.

  1. Top-up via online payment
  2. Top up by scanning QR Code
  3. Top-up via electronic bank transfer
  4. Top-up via Zalo Pay
  5. Top-up via MoMo. wallet
  6. Top-up via ATM transfer
  7. Deposit money at the bank counter.
Instructions for top-up KUcasino
Instructions for top-up KUcasino

Members can see the article 7 simple and most detailed ways to top up KU casino.

Instructions for withdrawing KUcasino

After winning big at the house, members often withdraw money to their accounts. Withdrawing money at the KU casino is extremely simple and fast. Members-only need to follow these steps to be able to withdraw 100% successfully.

Attractive betting games at KU Casino

The house KU Casino is loved by many players and is chosen as an ideal destination because the house owns a huge game store. And here are the attractive games that you should not miss

Online Casino ( Live casino )

At KU casino, there is a wide range of games from attractive casinos and you can choose to play any game.

Online Baccarat

The game has the largest number of players because of its simple gameplay and extremely high winning prizes. Along with the beautiful Dealer dealing cards.

Poker KU casino

Poker is a fairly popular game in the online betting market. At KU casino, players will be guided enthusiastically along with extremely hot and beautiful Dealer girls. Moreover, the gameplay of this game is extremely simple but the win rate is extremely high

Blackjack online

The game is also known as blackjack or blackjack, with this game the Dealers will deal cards to all players. The card will be flipped up right in front of the player so that the player can make a reasonable bet choice.

Roulette (roulette)

This game is also played by a large number of players because the odds of winning are extremely high. Players can choose to bet on any square on the table. When the Roulette ball stops on the slot the player has placed, the player wins.

Sports Betting

If you are a person with a strong passion for sports, you cannot ignore playing sports betting at Ku casino. At the house, there are many sports betting games such as basketball, badminton, tennis, football, tennis … The KU Casino house always has a variety of big and small tournaments such as the World Cup, EURO, Champion league…

KU Lottery Play Lottery Online

Lottery online at Ku casino has many games such as lottery 3 regions, Taiwan lottery, keno … and always has a large number of players participating. Because the way to play is not complicated, the odds of winning are extremely high and there are many attractive incentives

Slot Game – Exploding Jars – 3D. Game

Especially the 3D exploding jar game slot is very popular with young people because the interface is extremely attractive 3D designed by KU casino, the sound is captivating right from the first play. The reward for exploding the jar is also very attractive and extremely high. Surely 3D exploding jar game slot is a great entertainment game for today’s youth

Promotions at KU casino

All players participating in online betting want to receive as many promotions as possible. KU Casino is one of the bookies that have many attractive promotions and is held regularly. The promotion not only applies to new members but also old members. The promotions will be immediately credited to the player’s account and the in-kind gifts of extremely high value.

To meet the betting needs and experience the games, many bookies and game portals were born. KU CASINO understands the huge competition in today’s market. Therefore, the bookmaker offers players attractive promotions. The offers are not only for new players but also for longtime players. Some promotions that the bookie offers:

Promotions at KU casino
Promotions at KU casino

Great promotions and deposit offers

Participating in the game experience at the house, players will receive many attractive promotions. Typically, promotions for the first and second deposit. Through these incentives, players will receive huge amounts of money, enough for them to experience the games for a very long time. The promotions are as follows:

Very attractive 5 choose 1 gift program

New members who register to play, also have the opportunity to receive great gifts of high value. But to enjoy this program, players need to make sure to deposit 3 times or more with a total amount greater than 5 million VND. These gifts are limited in quantity and only available for a certain time. So players need to catch up quickly to bring back the rewards:

  • Negative ion air purifier
  • Power bank with cord
  • Bluetooth headphone
  • Versatile sports watch
  • Mini Bluetooth speaker

High return policy

KU CASINO is famous for its attractive return programs. Specifically, when you bet from 1000 points or more, you will receive the corresponding refund amount. This amount will be higher the more you bet. Chapter information Refunds are as follows:

Official partners of the Ku casino house

After many years of effort and operation in the Asian online betting market. KU casino has reached a trusted position in the hearts of participants. Along with that is the combination of strong financial potential. To have this great success, it is impossible not to mention the stable and long-term reputable partners of the house. It May be mentioned as

  • The house THENHABET
  • BBIN
  • The house AG Casino
  • WM Casino
  • Saba sports
  • V8 Poker….

It can be said that the KU casino is a reputable house that is reliable and always has a leading partner to combine


We hope that the information we share above will help you understand more about KU CASINO. This is an extremely ideal playground that you should not miss to have a great experience. Especially when you join the game, you also enjoy extremely attractive promotions. Equip yourself with some necessary capital and register an account to play today!

Website: https://kubet77.win/

Phone: 0568899969

Address: 1695 Ha Tay, Ben Nghe, District 1, Hanoi.

Gmail contact: [email protected]

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