Know The Advantages Of Distance Learning?  

In 2020, this corona epidemic left us all in shock; that time was challenging for all of us. Still, there was no shortage in the students’ studies even in this difficult time. Students had to learn everything by staying at home, and they completed their studies through distance learning. Distance learning has been going on in our country for a long time; before covid, this distance learning was for those people whose school or college was very far from their home, especially for working professionals, so that they could study even after their job. Distance learning started in India in 1962 with a pilot project at Delhi University. And at the time of covid, this was the only way to study for the students.

Teachers and students resorted to the help of online teaching applications. Students complete their studies through different e-learning platforms and gave exams through this. And in the same way, the students completed their studies in this challenging situation. Distance learning also has many benefits. Everything brings both positive and negative things, and this distance learning also has its advantages and disadvantages.


 Advantages of Distance learning: 




Students can study as per their wish; there is no time restriction. It provides freedom of learning at their own preferred timings.




Commuting from one place to other to attend lectures or exam preparation is a time-consuming and hectic task. However, with the help of distance learning, one can save on commuting fares and save themselves from standing in the crowd on the bus.




Students also get inspired, as they can do much more with this distance learning. The distance learning session allows them free time that they can use to learn additional skills.


Not crowded:


The class should not be crowded so that all the children can read comfortably. Distance learning ensures that each student gets personalized training and learning.


Information can be obtained from anywhere.


The internet is a vast ocean of information, and students can access the data as per their wishes. Students can use the internet to gather any data and information quickly.




If a student misses the notes, online learning allows them to watch recorded lectures and helps them communicate with teachers and classmates easily.


To know yourself:


With distance learning, students will be able to know their abilities, they will also be able to know their shortcomings, and they can do it on their own or with their mentor’s assistance.


No Place constraint:


Students can do distance learning from anywhere; there is no restriction on the place.


24*7 Face to Face Time Available:


Students can discuss by sitting face to face with mentors via video communication. 


Interacting & Engaging


Communication between students and teachers is essential, and due to the e-learning platform and their different features, communication between the two can no longer be a problem.


Support of Teacher:


In distance learning, teachers can easily help the children and allow the student to learn by analyzing their progress.


More Featured Software

The advancement in technology and different software make distance learning more interactive and personalized for students. They can learn easily with the help of advanced software that keeps their data and keeps their monthly progress report.


To Conclude:


Distance learning is an excellent medium for the students where they can study very easily by staying at home, and they do not have any problems. The learning management system has contributed a lot to learning; the LMS portal has launched many student study materials through its many websites. It is very beneficial for students; not only that, but they have also provided notes, quizzes, and tests so that students could do better. Due to distance learning, the women of our country were able to get married and get their names, and in the corona period, this distance learning was the only way for students to study. Today, students living in any corner of the world can study from anywhere by staying at home; they do not need to go far from their homes. Students can do any course with this technology very quickly, and whatever is online, they also teach the students with great enthusiasm.


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