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Know More About Wooden Blinds & Curtain Brackets

MAC Premier curtain rods, the finest collection of all-steel to steel and glittering crystal and glass curtain rods in India. Each one created with meticulous perfection for the discerning eyes. A range so wide, as if customized to complement virtually any decor or style. Over 200 distinctive colours, finishes, textures and combinations to choose from, with or without cord operation. The never-ending quest for innovation, a passion for excellence and a burning desire to create lifestyle products extraordinaire have all culminated in creating an exquisite collection of curtain rods called, “LUXURIA”. A truly luxurious ensemble of curtain rods befitting today’s czars, style icons and connoisseurs of everything good in life.

The curtain brackets is a unique collection of curtain rods in India. The concept of this collection is to make a wide range of curtain rods in every color combination, texture and finish possible in the market. Whether you are looking for a traditional look with minimalistic kind of involvement or want a lavish luxurious theme to your curtains, we have it all for you with varying prices starting from INR 5899. A unique collection of curtain rods, with high gloss colors, polished to a lustrous shine. Available in a wide range of finishes, textures and combinations that are sure to complement any decor. Made with an exceptional attention to detail and quality, this collection is not only stylish but also durable.

MAC’s unprecedented horizontal assortment of high-quality wooden venetian blinds offers an elegant range of timeless designs. The entire product portfolio consists of more than 80 shades and a variety of slat widths. The characteristic forms, each with a different hairline and width, are made from natural wood slats and this make them robust, elegant and timeless.  Modern living doesn’t mean all has to be techno and pop. Turn your interior into a piece of art with MAC’s wooden venetian blinds. Guaranteed to enhance your home or office’s style, this classic, natural material complements almost any aesthetic. A classic choice for any interior and a timeless design, MAC’s wooden blinds are available in a range of colors and designs. These beautiful blinds create a subtle cool look for your home, making any space feel regal and stately. Choose between medium-industrial shades, modern patterns or functional window treatments that are perfect for privacy or light control.

 A wooden blind is a timeless addition to your home. Choose the right hue of wood and slat thickness for your interior – from classic grey-hued natural wood to subtle tones and modern trendy colours. Add a touch of uniqueness by opting for clear/white or with silver hardware.

 MAC offers a wide range of wood horizontal window blinds to suit every interior. The natural wood is a great ally in sleek and sophisticated settings and contributes to an appealing masculine look in the interior. Our wooden venetian blinds can also be used as partial privacy solutions. Without any doubt, wooden venetian blinds have been considered as the classics of internal sun protection. Whether you want to gently filter daylight without spoiling the view or close them for total privacy, venetians are a stylish and practical choice.

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