Keep Pests Away From Your Outdoor Dumpster

Dumpsters are a great way to keep your trash away from your building. But what about the pests who love your garbage?


There are many different types of insects, and some can be annoying or harmful. You don’t want to endanger people with bee or wasp allergies. Raccoons can be cute, but they carry diseases and have been known to harm pets. Bears can be cute, but they’re definitely best kept at a distance. And most pests larger than a gecko will make a big mess as they extract the tastiest morsels of garbage from your dumpster.


There are a few things you can do to keep critters away from your outdoor dumpsters. These include the the following six guidelines.


  1. Keep your home safe from animals


If you have a lot of animals near your home, you should put your dumpsters in a place where they cannot get to them. This means putting them on a concrete pad with a slope so that water will run off and not into the ground where animals can get to it. If you have really smart or strong animals, like raccoons and bears, you might want to build an enclosure for the dumpster with a door that humans can easily open and close.


  1. Location


It is important to place your dumpster in the right spot. The best place for it is on a concrete pad on a slope. This will stop rodents from digging their way in and make it easier for water to drain away.


If you have animals that are smart or strong (like raccoons and bears), you might want to consider putting your dumpster in an enclosure with a door that only humans can easily open and close.


  1. Maintain barriers around your property


The best way to keep pests out of your trash is to use heavy-duty, tear-resistant trash bags. You should also check your dumpsters for any cracks, wear or holes and fix them up with fiberglass reinforcement tape or epoxy. Rodents can get through tiny spaces, so it is important to make sure that your dumpster is in good condition.


Make sure to always keep your dumpster lids closed and secured. This will keep the trash inside and stop animals from getting easy access to it. You should also check on a regular basis to make sure that other people are following this rule. If they are not, then you might need to use bungees or clips to keep the lids closed.


  1. Don’t attract pests with good smells


Pests are attracted to the smell of garbage that smells bad to us. To keep pests away, seal all food trash inside bags and clean any spills around or inside the dumpster with soapy water. Rinsing food and drink containers will also minimize the smell that pests find so inviting.


  1. Get rid of pests the all-natural way


Most animals, including humans, are irritated by ammonia. Spraying an ammonia solution near your dumpster will kill many insects, like cockroaches. It will also repel animals like raccoons, possums, and rats.


Be careful with the solution so that the smell doesn’t spread inside your building. Also, never mix ammonia with bleach because it produces toxic fumes.


  1. Keep your home pest-free


Motion-activated security lights help keep away animals like rats and possums. The lights also scare away criminals and make it safer to be outside when it is dark.


You can minimize pest infestations while also minimizing the mess and smells that humans hate. For best results, rent a quality dumpster from Precision Disposal of South Florida. We’ll bring you a dumpster in whatever size you need, then remove the garbage whenever you want. With a dumpster rental from this company, you’ll have no holes, no trash overflow, and no pests.

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