Is there anyone in class 12 pcm (2021-2022) whose studies are going well?

Well, this question can only be answered based on personal experiences and preparation level for the upcoming exams. I can safely assume that you are very nervous about your preparation and are also looking at helpful tips to be able to cover this vast syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in the remaining time. I also hope that you would also look to complete the syllabus well before time so that you have sufficient time for revision.

In my opinion, I am relatively satisfied with my level of preparation and I am also aware there is still a room for improvement. I will share with you my strategy of studying and preparing for the examinations. At the onset, I want to make it very clear that I have no joined any coaching institute and only partake in test series to gauge my preparation.

Unlike everyone else, I am a night person and I prefer to study throughout the night. It does not in any way mean that you too should start studying throughout the night. To each, his own. I find the during mornings, everyone is awake and is constantly streaming in an out of my room, thereby distracting me and making it harder to concentrate. At nights, everyone is asleep and even the traffic on the road is slow and low. This makes a very peaceful environment for me to study without any hindrance.

It might have come as a surprise to you, but I have preferred not to enroll in any coaching institute. Although, I must admit that all of my classmates have joined one of the many coaching institutes and I see how hectic their schedule is. I preferred to stick to my school teaching because I am comfortable with their pace and method of teaching. All my teachers are good and are always approachable for doubt discussion. I began my preparation for the board examinations much earlier. I aspire to join one of the many prestigious Indian institutes of Technology (hopefully Bombay) for Computer Science.

Right from an early age, I have had the habit of self-study and preparing my own notes. This is a good habit and has always held me in good stead. The books which I have used for developing my fundamental concepts are your NCERT books for Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Contrary to popular opinion, I feel that these books are very lucidly written and make for easier understanding. Only when our concepts are strong can be build upon them by referring to tougher books. If you refer to the authors who write these NCERT books, then it is not a surprise to know that they are all leading figures in the field of education.

I also refer to other books such as Concepts of Physics by Prof. H.C Verma, Mathematic books by RS Agarwal, and books by KC Sinha, and for Chemistry, I follow different books for Organic, Inorganic well as Physical Chemistry. I feel these books are needed for gaining confidence while attempting the JEE exams. I have referred to all of these books to make my own detailed notes. The advantage of making my own handwritten notes has been that it makes revision a lot easier and faster for me. I know the flow of my words and I am also able to recall many concepts on short notice, just by referring to my notes. I am also taking help from online learning platforms.

Another important factor for good examination preparation is joining a test series. Although we do attempt examinations at school, appearing for test series presents to us a plethora of questions that have been asked before or forces us to dig deep into our fundamentals. I particularly enjoy solving Calculus questions and questions of physics. The ability to relate mathematics as a tool for solving physics questions is very intriguing and makes learning more fun. I ensure that when I attempt these test series, then I take them in the right examination condition so that I can get over my exam fear and nervousness. The idea is to enjoy learning rather than study only to score marks. If our mindset can be that, then learning is fun, sustainable as well as free of any pressure.

I also create flashcards of important concepts. Not only do I write the concept, but also see if I can add an example to the flashcard. This helps my parents to get engaged in my studies by randomly picking up flashcards and quizzing me.

Now, although studying a lot s very important, due care must be taken to play sports and have time for ourselves. Every day, I do go out to play badminton and also spend some time talking with my friends. It is necessary.

I am confident about my preparation and I hope I was able to share some tips which have always helped me in my examination preparations. All the best to you!

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