Introducing the new BK8 Partner: Villarreal CF

Recently the news regarding Villarreal CF partnering up with Malaysian top ranked online casino and sports betting platform BK8 has been announced. BK8 fans have been overjoyed by this news since BK8 is a highly popular and trusted Malta-based sports betting company, and Villarreal CF having this online casino as their new Official Asian Betting Partner for the 2021/22 season is simply good news for the online casino community as it will further propel this online casino to stardom and promote the content provided by BK8 to the world.

Official BK8 Partner Villarreal CF

Fernando Roig, president of Villarreal CF, expressed his pleasure about the partnership: “We are quite pleased with this deal in Asia. We think it benefits and benefits both sides, and that as a global athletic body, it assists us in establishing a foothold on such a significant continent.” “These new relationships are really exciting for BK8 and represent a significant milestone for us as a brand in terms of achieving some of our objectives in terms of working closely with football-related partnerships,” said Michael Gatt, Managing Director for Europe at BK8. “We are incredibly ambitious, and our collaboration with some of Spain’s premier teams demonstrates our commitment to addressing some of the work we want to undertake moving forward. “At the moment, we are collaborating with a number of football stakeholders around Europe to help us maintain this good trajectory and invest in not just clubs, but also charities and the broader community that share our desire to make a difference in football.” 

Villarreal CF, popularity in Europe and engagement with BK8 fans

It was also quoted by BK8 representatives that this collaboration with some of Spain’s most prestigious football institutions puts the online casino that is already incredibly famous in Asia on the map in Europe. The BK8 representatives all look forward to a fruitful relationship with the European football club since Villarreal CF has long had a sizable Asian following, with over 1 million social media followers. Frequently dubbed underdogs, the Yellow Submarine are the current UEFA Europa League champions and will compete in both LaLiga and the UEFA Champions League this season. BK8 has a significant presence in Asia with a reach of 4 billion people, making it the continent’s largest and most trusted platform for European and Spanish football.

What is BK8?

BK8, a Malta-based firm and brand recognised as a white label, is the market leader in online sports betting, providing users with a premium experience and the greatest odds. Recognized as one of the largest and most trusted platforms, BK8 takes pride in offering an innovative platform without jeopardizing the safety and security of its customers. By combining cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology with a dedicated team of gaming specialists, BK8 is devoted to providing the finest gaming experience possible while ensuring that every player enjoys themselves responsibly on a fair and secure platform. The Customer Service Support Team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with any issues. Visit our website at for further details.

Excellent online casino applications that are simple to download

Bk8 is an online casino that offers a mobile application, including Android and iOS versions, to ensure that its players can play the game without difficulty. The BK8 online casino software enables gamers to access and play their favorite games via their smartphones and other mobile devices from anywhere in the world. It details the processes necessary for gamers to download the app to their devices. This section contains steps for downloading and installing the BK8 online casino applications. The BK8 app installation instructions are simple to follow since they include examples for installing the application in two separate versions: Android and Apple’s iOS.

In Asia’s top online casino, superior safety and security are guaranteed.

As a reputable online casino, BK8 commits to implementing a variety of security measures to safeguard its players and members from unauthorized access while using its platform. It protects the security of its customers by utilizing a high-grade encryption protocol, such as 128-bit encryption, as well as SSL technology integrated into its website and mobile platforms. Every online casino operator goes to great pains to guarantee that its clients are secure at all times when playing or transacting, but BK8, as the leading supplier of amazing online entertainment, goes above and beyond this normal practice.

Account registration at BK8 is a basic and straightforward process.

It may be inconvenient for a new player who want to participate in the most thrilling sports betting, live casino games, simulated fish shooting games, and live poker tournaments to have to make such an effort merely to open an account. However, you can be certain that the registration process will take only a few minutes and that you will have immediate access to the BK8 casino login page. According to the design team, the online casino was developed with the user’s convenience in mind. Opening an account with an online casino could not be easier. You will be able to begin your registration process with relative simplicity and comfort, and you will not have to worry about anything until you finish your first time login and become a member of the BK8 family.

Promotions and incentives that are extremely popular at BK8

BK8 is a service that regularly rewards both new and existing users with incentives and promotions. The following are some Bk8 promos you may choose to take advantage of.

Superb Reward for Betting Attendance

A one-year incentive exclusively for subscribers who regularly wager on sports at BK8. Each member who is interested in sports betting is eligible to claim this bonus; the requirements for claiming this bonus vary according to the amount of money wagered daily in that account. The maximum reward is 888 MYR. To qualify, wager the daily valid bet amount for a minimum of 30 days between March 1 and April 30. Members’ eligibility will be confirmed upon the campaign’s end, subject to the campaign’s terms and conditions.

BK8 Loyalty Bonus

BK8 is an online casino that awards its users for their loyalty; this is a way for BK8 to express thanks for their continued support. Each month, BK8 users who have been active at the online casino can get up to 88 MYR in bonus monies. Make at least three contributions into your BK8 account before the year closes to be active. This promotion requires a fivefold increase in revenue. Certain terms and limitations apply.

Lucky Draw for BK8 Loyalty

Additionally, BK8 runs a year-round fortunate draw for all devoted members. Members who have deposited at least three times into their BK8 account are eligible to enter this fortunate draw. Each month, 100 faithful BK8 members will be chosen and awarded with up to 88 MYR in extra cash. Each month, lucky winners will be revealed on the Winner’s Page. Players are not permitted to establish multiple accounts in order to boost their chances of winning this fortunate draw or to take advantage of any other promotions offered by BK8.

BK8 casino has a good reputation for customer service.

At the casino, customer assistance is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a problem with the site, you will not have to wait hours, if not days, for help. Due to the fact that the live chat is totally operated by humans, rather than robots, you may anticipate prompt responses to your concerns. bk8 customer support representatives are multilingual, including English. Apart from Live Chat and WhatsApp, there are a few other ways to contact them. WeChat, email, and Telegram are just a few examples.


It’s easy to navigate and play at BK8 online casino, which is a straightforward online casino with an uncluttered design. As previously said, BK8 has a diverse selection of games that are all guaranteed to be of excellent quality and fair to players. BK8 is the best site for gamers who want to play slot games, fishing games, and a variety of live table card games in one handy location. BK8 has been listed as one of the top online casinos in Asia by, which states that the gaming experience at BK8 is unequaled in this area. is a reputable online casino review site that offers analyses and evaluations of all accessible online casinos. The site suggests BK8 to both experienced and inexperienced online casino players. BK8 is most suited to players interested in profiting from gaming, with the only focus on the winning prize and jackpot, not to mention the plethora of promos and bonuses available.

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