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Installing Political Yard Signs on Your Property – Key Legal and Practical Considerations

Using outdoor signs is a crucial promotional strategy of several small-scale businesses. Target customers almost immediately take an interest in well-decorated yard signs. It doesn’t take much time for this interest to convert into questions about products and services.

However, amid the recent rise of political polarization – outdoor signs can do much more than attract customers for businesses. Political signs can promote messages of love, unity, and kindness. They can also serve as vital communication tools in local political campaigns.

In case you’re running a mission and outfitting your political promoting system, quality political race signage is an unquestionable requirement have. Political mission signage can spread mindfulness about your up-and-comer, urge individuals to cast a ballot, and help to persuade citizens to help your up-and-comer, among different employments. 

To have a successful mission signage methodology, you’ll need to know the kinds of signs you ought to remember for your publicizing endeavors when you should arrange signage, tips for engaging effort signage plan, and the different laws that oversee crusade signage.

For example, the famous “Kindness Is Everything” yard sign went viral in 2017. The small yard sign set up by a simple homeowner in California attracted national attention. After the sign went viral, it attracted hundreds of political volunteers. 

Yard signs also help voters know which candidates are running for specific offices. Your political yard signs can make someone research your favorite candidate. They can have massive impacts on local political campaigns. But, using these signs isn’t so easy.

Whenever you’re using a sign that contains political information, you’ll need to consider your legal rights and possible limitations. Here’s a guide. 

Installing Political Signs on Your Property – Key Legal Considerations

Let’s answer the main question – Do homeowners have the right to put up political signs on their properties? Absolutely. The constitution protects your right to express political opinions on your property. But, the government can impose some limitations on your yard signs.

Your political signs shouldn’t – 

  • Take up public space
  • Obstruct the views of neighbors, people passing by
  • Distract car or motorcycle drivers

Some municipalities have specific content-related regulations that apply to all signs, not just political signs. For instance, your town may require your signs to be small enough so that they don’t impede the visibility of the roads for motorists.

In any democracy, political speech on private property deserves the highest form of protection. The government can never ban political signs on private properties as it violates the federal constitution.

There are several examples of ordinances prohibiting homeowners from displaying political signs on their property being deemed unconstitutional. These are the key legal details homeowners need to know before installing political signs on their properties. 

Installing Political Signs on Your Property – Key Practical Considerations

Now that you know your legal options when it comes to installing political signs on your property let’s review some practical details. Consider these details to buy and create the best possible political signs –


Use yard signs made of Corflute or corrugated polypropylene. This lightweight, fluted plastic is known for its outdoor longevity. It’s cheap, durable, easy to install, and easily customizable. Corflute is flexible and has excellent water, chemical, UV, and impact resistance.

These features make Corflute print-friendly. Corflute printing is quick. Plus, this durable, economical, and flexible material is fully recyclable. Make sure your yard signs are at least 5 mm thick. 

Designing the Signs 

Your political signs will target people on the move – design them accordingly. 

  • Avoid using too much copy – keep your political messages short and sweet.
  • Use one dark/deep color and one bright/light color to make the messages eye-catching/
  • Avoid promotional messages – people hate non-political marketing messages on political signs.  
  • Buy double-sided signs and display each side alternatively. 

Use these tips to optimize your yard signs and express yourself freely! 

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