Importance of hydroponics in urban farming

The importance of hydroponics in urban farming gets highly recognised for being the most sustainable way of producing food ’on the water- without soil’ (hydro) and ‘on technology’- without labour (ponics). It is important to note here that this usage of water in hydroponics is very minimal in quantity and without any wastage. As urbanisation is increasing the population in the urban areas, the need for hydroponics through vertical farming, in particular, is gaining momentum. Check this article for details.

Without Soil & Labour 

Farming in urban areas cannot expect to have either land or labour. However, the demand for food in urban areas, on daily basis is huge. The only solution to resolve this concern is hydroponics farming in the urban area. Installation of the hydroponic setup in your apartment or community building can be performed without the hassles of tilting land, insecticides, herbicides, or any kind of labour-intensive exercise. 

With your hydroponic greenhouse, you can be the only person managing the entire production system. Thus, this farming is very important for the urban agricultural trends to bring in balanced food supply to the hectically busy population, and meet the demands of ‘eat-outs’. 

Exotic Fruits & Vegetables

Following the rapid trends of globalisation, the entire world has attained great significance in the supply chain of fruits and vegetables. However, in the post-pandemic phase, this need has been much restricted on a global basis. At this point, hydroponics in urban farming gains great importance. Through hydroponics farming, you can have all kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables at your arms reach. Whether you want Kiwis from Australia or Oregano from Spain, you can produce everything on your porch or balcony.  

Overall Enlisted Benefits

The significance of hydroponics in urban farming is increasing and it is turning into the most appropriate way of feeding the exponentially increasing population of urban areas. Its potentialities get noted as: 

  • Capable of supplying adequate food in a very sustainable manner
  • Disease-free plantation prevents the contaminated environment
  • High yields for commercial production of a variety of plants
  • Highly restricted pesticides and least possibility of herbicides
  • Large land areas can be reverted to restore the ecosystem 
  • Maximum usage of the unused spaces in urban buildings
  • Methane generation can lead to the huge production of energy
  • Organic production of food for better health
  • Production of food all through the year
  • Production of food without climatic disruptions
  • Reduce vermin in the local urban areas 
  • Restricts wastage of water during the farming process
  • Well managed water, minerals and temperature offer high yields

Hydroponics Agriculture in Compact Apartment

With the limited availability of land areas, urban farming is readily accepted by hydroponics in the past few years. Hydroponics brings in the solution for the co-existence of skyscrapers with vertical farming to meet the daily dose of urban food. Hydroponics can be very compactly installed in any kind of space of an urban apartment. The most preferred areas for this compact agricultural venture are:  

  • Balconies, patios or small yards
  • Building terraces or rooftops
  • Empty areas of community parks or gardens
  • Indoor plantation on countertops 
  • Indoor plantation on the windowsills
  • Indoor plantation in the storeroom
  • Indoor plantation in the basement
  • Vertical greenhouses in the outskirts of the city

Hydroponics Agriculture in Your Building

The extension of urban hydroponics plantations can be made possible if the tall buildings get involved in this process. You can transform a tall building into a great site for hydroponics agriculture. You can start the process by considering the unique way of constructing the building and leaving spaces for hydroponics plantation facilities.  On the other hand, with community support, you can also stack racks of different sizes and as per the available spaces in the exterior of the building. These stacks can be further wired for the installation of hydroponics agriculture, which will be adequate to feed the entire population of the building.  

Moreover, the inhabitants will have access to organic and fresh vegetables, which is very difficult to get in urban vegetable markets. Since vegetables were transported to the urban areas from the rural areas, which are thousands of miles away from the urban population. In this case, the vegetables and fruits are usually cold-stored or are compromised in terms of freshness. With the installation of hydroponics in the building, the residents will be able to harvest fresh and healthy food.  

Beating Odds by Bigger Yields 

With the advanced modes of technological support, hydroponics farming indeed consumes more energy than traditional farming. However, against this odd, hydroponic farming setup is the only solution for meeting the increasing global population count caused by urbanisation. By using artificial lights and an automatic watering system, hydroponics is the most effective way of producing 90% more food than the traditional farming system. 

As you start with this farming technology, you become independent in terms of producing organic vegetables and fruits for your local needs. Meeting the target of food supply for 100 people becomes an easy task. These self-dependent farms can be considered as side businesses, which are sure to support you all through your life. No pandemic or uncertainties can create any threat to your earning source

You can also prefer to shift your hydroponic farming kit to any location. Dismantling and installation of the entire set up are incredibly effortless. You can contact eminent hydroponics companies in India to assist you in the process of installing, dismantling, and further installation of the hydroponic set up.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the choice for direct retail sales or wholesale provisions in the supermarkets. The second option is very quick in bringing commendable profit margins and will meet your high investment in no time. 

Eventually, it is important to note here that since the demands for organic food are high and the supply is less in urban areas, hydroponic farming set up is the future for urban agriculture. This brings in scopes for earning more than the average modes of traditional farming. Thus is very justified in beating the clause of high economical investment that commercial hydroponic farming needs.

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