The importance of backlinks for SEO

What is a backlink? Recognize the importance of backlinks for SEO


Backlink is a term that people who operate SEO (visit  to learn more)must have heard, and almost all SEO experts say that backlinks have a significant influence on page ranking. Even Google officials have confirmed that backlinks are One of the three most important factors affecting the ranking of search results. But do you know why SEO values ​​backlinks so much? What can I do to improve SEO ranking through backlinks? Next, follow the steps of this article, starting with understanding backlinks, understanding the importance of backlinks, and improving website weight and SEO ranking!


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What is a backlink? Understand the difference between backlinks, intra-site links, and off-site links

In the operation of SEO, “links” play a very important role, including backlinks, intra-site links, and off-site links are closely related to the weight of the site. The following is an introduction to the differences between the three:


What is a backlink? To put it simply, a backlink is a link that “points to one’s own website from another person’s website.” When the content of website A mentions information related to website B and sets a link to website B, this link is a backlink to website B. For example, if your article mentions professional name explanations, such as target audience (TA) and link to Wikipedia, then this link is a backlink to Wikipedia.

In-site links and off-site links

Setting a link in an article to connect to a web page on your own website is called an intra-site link. After clicking the link, it will stay on the same website; on the contrary, if you link to a web page outside the site, it is an off-site link.

Why add backlinks? The importance of backlinks for SEO

After understanding the definition of backlinks, I will introduce to you how backlinks affect SEO, which can be divided into three key points: “site weight” , “site relevance” and “backlink quality” .

Site weight

In vernacular terms, backlinks are like referrals to your website. When more people link your website to your own content, Google will determine that your website content has a higher quality and credibility, thereby improving Website weight, improve SEO ranking.

Site relevance

In addition to detecting the number of backlinks, the relevance of the source of backlinks to the website itself will also affect the quality of backlinks. If the source of backlinks on beauty product pages is all basketball blogs, It is easy to be considered by Google that the website is too low-relevant, lacks credibility, and is suspected of black hat SEO . Therefore, a large number of methods of establishing links in content farms or spam websites cannot increase the weight of the website even if the number of links is large.

Link quality

The quality of backlinks is also the basis for determining the weight of a website, and the main factors affecting the quality of backlinks are as follows:

Link depth: The higher the level of the website, the better the link quality. For example, the link depth of the homepage and Footer is better.

  • The website weight of the link source: For example, if the backlink of a beauty product page comes from a well-known beauty website, the quality will be better than the average blog.
  • Description of the anchor text : When setting the link, the description of the anchor text should be related to the content of the linked website. If the content of the web page mainly introduces the comparison of gym costs, setting the anchor text to “gym fee” will be more effective than “gym fee”. “, “Gym recommended” is better.
  • Connection establishment time: The shorter the connection establishment time, the better the connection quality. Therefore, if you want to maintain stable performance, you must update the connection frequently.

SEO backlinks

How to check the backlinks of the website?

After reading the above introduction, I believe you already understand the importance of backlinks, but do you know how to check the link status of your website? In fact, as long as you use Google Search Console to view the link situation of the site, but the information provided by Google Search Console is limited. If you want to get more information, you can use  Open Site Explorer and  Site Explorer .

MOZ|Open Site Explorer

The tool provided by the SEO company  Moz is characterized by a clear interface and easy to use. It can be divided into a free version and a paid version according to different functions. The paid version can provide link reports on social platforms in addition to general web links to help you quickly Grasp the link status of the webpage.

Ahrefs|Site Explorer

Although  Ahrefs ’ Site Explore must be paid to use, it provides a very complete link query function, listing the source of backlinks, the real-time status of backlinks, and other information. It can also view the quality of backlinks and mark the loss. Functional linking is an indispensable tool for SEO.

Improve website weight and seize SEO ranking

In order to improve SEO ranking, in addition to understanding the importance of backlinks, content management, web page quality adjustment, keyword planning, etc. are all indispensable. Only by paying attention to every detail can we create a stable nature through inbound marketing . Traffic, if you have any SEO-related issues, you can always consult the customer data marketing for free , let us provide you with the best solution.

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