How to find the right product in our dog tag comparison

If you want to take your dog with you on your bike, but it is too old or too small to walk yourself,dachshund rat terrier mix then a dog trainer is worthwhile. These are not only comfortable and easy to assemble, but also provide the necessary safety for you and your dog. But also for bikers or motorists, there are corresponding alternatives on the market, with which you can transport your four-legged friend easily and safely.

Our guide explains where the important differences between the individual types of trailers lie. Take a look at our test or comparison table and get a good insight into the safety measures and the additional practical features that dog trailers offer.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our dog tag comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell


  • The best dog trailers offer optimal safety and comfort for your dog. They are offered in all sizes.
  • Dog trailer tests praise the flexible application possibilities of bicycle trailers for dogs. They are suitable for day trips or for shopping.
  • Cheap dog trailers for the bike you get from 100 euros. The models for cars and motorcycles are significantly more expensive but very safe and robust.

Dog trailers are not only suitable for engraving collars for your favorite pet. This guide is all about transport trailers that allow you to take your dog with you wherever you go.

These dog trailers are particularly suitable for old, sick, or particularly small dogs when traveling, running daily errands, or visiting the veterinarian. Getting started is easy because it’s at ground level if it’s at ground level and you don’t need a dog ramp. They work like a handcart or a cargo trailer, but they are also suitable for dogs that are a bit wilder and could therefore jump out of a handcart. They are also usually larger than specific dog bike baskets, which you attach to the handlebars, for example, or some dog backpacks, which are also only suitable for small breeds. You can find out what the individual variants have to offer here. In addition, we clarify the most important questions about dog trailers.

Types of dog trailers: trailers for the bicycle, car, and motorcycle

The different categories of dog trailers on the market offer very different possibilities for dog transport. Most often, however, you will encounter the dog trailer for the bike. These are not only interesting for bicycle tours with the dog, but also as an additional transport option for shopping.

If you travel a lot by car or motorcycle, you can also use special types trailers for dog transport. Of course, these are much more stable and have their own turn signals, viewing windows, and space for license plates.

A special feature of bicycle trailers is the possibility to convert some models into a dog buggy in a few simple steps. This version is also known as a jogger dog trailer. With this, you can then push your dog in front of you on foot, which is particularly suitable for small or old dogs, who are often overwhelmed with long hiking distances. The advantages and disadvantages of the jogger function can be found in the following overview:


Can be used on foot and by bike

No extra dog buggy is necessary

Assembly is often very easy


More expensive to buy

Relatively wide

Higher weight than a normal buggy

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