How to Use YoWhatsApp (YOWA) – Learn YOWhatsApp’s Features Easily!

It’s always intriguing to learn about new applications. Today’s modded applications intrigue a lot of people. YoWhatsApp is an example of a modded app that may improve your messaging experience significantly well above the official WhatsApp app. Many people, however, are still unsure how to use YoWhatsApp or how it differs from the regular WhatsApp app.

First and foremost, if you’re wondering if using YoWhatsApp instead of WhatsApp affects your device’s security, rest assured that it does not. You may use Fouad Yowhatsapp on any Android smartphone without fear of security issues.

How to Use YOWhatsApp – YOWA

It is not difficult to learn how to operate YoWhatsapp; we can do it promptly. If you’ve used WhatsApp before, you’re already familiar with the basics of the app. YoWhatsApp is no exception, however, some of the features are very new.

Let’s have a look at the features of YoWhatsapp and see how to utilize them!

Instant Messages

For WhatsApp users, this is nothing new. YoWhatsApp’s instant messaging is fairly similar to WhatsApp. The keyboard and emojis are the only differences. As a result, the messaging experience is superior to WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp users may employ animated emojis, stickers, and gifs when messaging. It’s simple to send out messages, create lists, and form groups here.

Views And Statuses

It’s a pain to send photographs and clips to all of your pals. When we wish to transmit files to everyone at once, the app’s UI does not enable us to do so. As a result, this function has provided us with something enjoyable to do. We may email the status file to our contacts, who will have access to it. We may even restrict access to the picture or video we’re posting to people we wish to view. Interacting in this manner will be simple and hassle-free.

If you alter the app settings in YoWhatsApp to mute when you view other people’s stories. WhatsApp does not have this functionality. You won’t be able to tell whether you’ve seen their narrative or status.

Call on the spot

The calling function is standard, yet we live in a world where we are more isolated from one another, and we would do everything to see their faces. So, using YoWhatsapp’s video calling capability, we can invite more people to the call and control our own time. It’s fantastic, and the call quality is so high that it seems like we’re conversing in person. It’s a fundamental feature that’s also included in the original app. We may, however, adjust the settings of who can and cannot call us on YoWhatsapp.

Stop Internet For The App Only

You may turn off the internet for YoWhatsApp only if you don’t want to get alerts or use the app regularly. Go to the app’s settings, choose WiFi, and turn it on or off as required. This will close the app and put you offline for a while. You can turn the app back on when you need to use it. You don’t need to turn off the internet on the device for this.

At last,

We’d like to highlight how simple the app is to use and run. All you need to know is that we need to download the app from a trustworthy source. Otherwise, the gadget is vulnerable to viruses and loss.

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