How to Tell a Great Story

Storytelling is a great opportunity to deliver a deep message and wisdom from one to another. This is the key methods to make sure human values and truths pass from generation to generation.

Writers should first be storytellers and by this we mean that they need to learn how to find the best way to deliver their message to the right people.

When reading, people are looking for stories that they can identify with, stories with impact, stories that touch hearts. This being said, writers should try to focus on finding topics that will directly “speak” to the readers, that will attract them and keep them “in the book” until the end of the story. Well, easy to say, but difficult to do, right? That’s actually possible and famous writers are the proof.

How can you write stories that attract readers?

You will find some advices in the following lines.

Learn from others! Learn from famous writers

Firstly, read a lot and try to learn from famous storytellers: read a lot, study their writing strategies and find out more about how to write as a professional. If you read more about some famous writer’s life, you will also find out that they have their struggles, they often have a hard time finding original topics or original characters names. I heard about a well-known author who was almost every time struggling with finding the right names for his book characters. He tried to find a tool to help him with this and he found Random Name Generator. He was glad to see his work made easier, as this tool allowed him to find new, unique names in a minute.

Have a clear plan and a clear writing strategy

Secondly, try to define your message and tour topic even before you start writing your book. Of course, changes will be made along the way, but you will need to have clear writing idea and clear goals before you start to work on your project. For example, you need to know if you want to write about friendship or war and if you want to write a long or not that long story or novel.

Add some value by talking about your personal experience

Another golden rule that good writers will give you is to add some examples and points about your experience. Readers will feel it, and speaking about what you did or felt adds value makes the story seem more realistic and will support your ideas. Do not hesitate to make use of personal examples based on your life experience.

Feel free to write what you feel and improve on the way

Finally, even though you will take your writing project seriously and even if you want to make the most and the best if it, it helps to keep in mind that nobody was born as a writer. Start by writing whatever you feel, start and go step by step. Set up goals and try to be a bit better each day.

Don’t forget about the power of reading even before you think about writing. This will give you a lot of ideas and help you structure your thoughts, just as you saw in other books before.

Still, feel free to create your own style and to have innovative structure ideas or topics. Great writers have had the courage to stand out in the crowd and so should you do as well. Don’t be afraid of starting and delivering your ideas to others. These ideas may be useful for many people and they could be thankful you have shared your story.

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