How To Take Care of your Silver Trophies

Trophies carry the evidence of our winning and are therefore very important. They reveal our success and achievements, which we all know do not come easily. If you have even one, it is likely a sentimental value with a sense of pride.

Being such a valuable item, most people always desire to take utmost care of them. However, most people do not know how best to do so. In this informative guide, we will look at various ways to take care of these valuable items and make them as shiny and appealing as possible.

How Do They Tarnish

First, before we learn how to make them shiny, it is important to understand how they tarnish. The shiny nature of the silver trophies is what makes them appealing. Once they become tarnished, they start losing their value.

Exposing them to air and humidity promotes oxidation which later leads to tarnishing. However, only the trophy parts exposed to air will be tarnished and not the entire trophy. The inner parts which will not be exposed will remain the same.

If this happens, do not be afraid, as there is still hope. These valuable items can be taken back to their original state with some good effective cleaning.

Effective Ways To Clean Silver-Trophies

Here are some ways you can clean these silver items to ensure they maintain their vibrant shine.

Using Plain Water and Regular Detergent

Most dust and dirt can be removed by simply washing them off with water. You can wash it with soap or preferably regular detergent to be more effective. If you have a silverware drying pad, use it to dry the items or a soft cloth if you do not have one. Using abrasive materials to wipe them may scratch them, leaving marks on them; therefore, they should be avoided.

Using Mint Solution

Toothpaste is an excellent example of a mint solution found in our bathrooms. The importance of toothpaste is that it cannot harm your valuables. Apply it to the surface and rub gently in one direction. Give it a few minutes before rinsing it with clean plain water. Using a smooth piece of cloth, dry it. The items may have scratches in some cases, but they will maintain their shine. Other than toothpaste, you can also use club soda, vinegar, and ammonia solution to clean your silver trophies.

SPA Bathing

You will require boiling water, aluminum foil, and baking soda for this cleaning option. Cover your sink with aluminum foil and pour in the boiling water. Make sure the water is enough to cover your item. Immerse the trophy in and give it some time until the water cools. Remove the trophy from the water once it cools, and then use a clean, soft cloth to wipe it. Make sure you dry it off completely to prevent ionization.


In this method, rub onto the surface of the trophy using a silver wadding polish. Once you start rubbing, you will have a black residue coming off. To achieve an even luster, rub onto the entire trophy evenly. Rub the black residue off using a soft cloth once you are done. To make it smooth and shiny by avoiding scratches, you should rub it in one direction. Continue wiping your trophy until it attains a brand new shine.


Taking care of your silver trophies is more than just cleaning them when they are tarnished. As we all know, prevention is better. You can prevent them from tarnishing other than waiting for them to tarnish so that you can clean them. When packing away or displaying your silver-trophies place silica sachets with them. These sachets reduce the rate of tarnishing by absorbing moisture.

Another great way to store your trophies is in a glass cabinet. As seen earlier, air and humid conditions promote tarnishing of your valuables. It becomes a challenge since you want to display your achievements rather than packing them away. However, glass cabinets are the answer to storing your items away from air and humid conditions while at the same time displaying them. This way, they will not be able to come in contact with harmful substances like dust, dirt, smoke, and air.

It is evident that we all treasure our trophies and consider them as being valuable. They reflect our hard-earned achievements, and we always treasure them. We all would love to display them in our offices and homes, but the problem with this is that they are exposed to harmful substances.

They are more exciting and attractive if they have their shine and luster, and maintaining this shine is crucial. You can store them properly to prevent them from losing their shine or restore them by cleaning them if they are tarnished.

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