How to start a YouTube channel and earn money

Everyone is aware of the term YouTube what is YouTube used for what is the purpose of youtube and all in this article we will let you that how can you use YouTube other than entertainment purposes and earn through it. 

Starting a youtube channel doesn’t require any legal obligation or doesn’t involve any monetary transactions. By following just a few steps you can start your own YouTube channel and by remaining consistent, innovative, patient and a great content creator you will be able to earn a handsome amount of money. 

Basic steps to create a YouTube channel

  • Firstly you need to have an Android, phone or PC 
  • Download YouTube app
  • Sign in with YouTube
  • Click your profile
  • There will be an option for creating a YouTube channel
  • Click that option
  • You will be inquired about creating a channel 
  • Follow the simple details and guidelines
  • Confirm your account and you are done


There is no hard and fast rule in creating a YouTube channel moreover it doesn’t involve any kind of paperwork or anything else.  The bigger picture starts to form after creating a YouTube Channel. Before creating a YouTube channel you must know that what you are going to do. You have to make a great strategy to earn through YouTube. But remember before all that, you need to have a fast speed internet connection to upload your content and search for content ideas. You can do Tm speed test to check how fast your 5G connection is. There are a lot of courses introduced through which your concepts get clear about being a content creator you can learn and then earn with the help of them. Nowadays a lot of people are earning amazing through their YouTube channels. Your content has to be innovative, informative and unique because there is great competition today and the audience is attracted to only that content they find interesting. 

There are a lot of ways and tactics to earn from YouTube, for example, if you are running your channel for quite some time and people like and visit your channel you can start to collaborate with various brands and advertise their products they will pay you for that. So by putting advertisements on your YouTube channel you will earn a lot. Making unique and great content especially about the hot topics attract a lot of people which means more views and views bring a lot of money.

All you need is to make your content, channel and videos look very presentable and attractive designing a great thumbnail is a great source of raking your YouTube videos faster as it is the first impression through which a user gets attracted to your video. If the user finds the thumbnail interesting he is surely going to see it because through a great unique thumbnail a user gets curious about what’s inside he begins to look for to read the title and see the video. To gain more views on your videos you need to generate an awesome eye-catching thumbnail. It is the primary visual interaction of your video with a imminent watcher. A steady see and feel will to offer assistance individuals immediately recognize your great content. One thing that we haven’t talked about yet is that earning from your YouTube channel is a time taking process that requires a lot of patience and consistency. If you want to earn you can’t lose hope easily. That is all we have to say we hope that you enjoy reading it.

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