How to qualify SSC MTS paper-II exam?

Staff Selection Commission has a national exam for non-technical staff members, known as the SSC MTS. This is a convocational exam, with only trained professionals allowed to take it. The SSC MTS Paper-II provides an offline exam, which is a descriptive paper. You have to write a short letter/ essay in English or any other official language of India.

The SSC MTS exam is held in both online and offline mode. There is letter writing and essay writing for Paper-II of the SSC MTS exam. The total number of marks is fifty and the duration of the exam is thirty minutes. Paper two is a descriptive paper. Thus you would need a lot of practice. To prepare for an upcoming exam, candidates take help from books or courses, but some other methods can also help. One such method is to practice on mock exams offered on websites.

About SSC MTS Exam Paper-II

The SSC paper-II exam is a mandatory step in the selection process for the post of non-technical staff. The questions in the exam for the two stages are designed to test your knowledge and skills related to various areas like public administration, social work, and health care.

The maximum mark is 50 and you have to write a short essay/letter in English or any language included in the 8th schedule of the Constitution. Candidates should know the format for how to write an essay and a letter so they can ace the SSC MTS Paper 2 exam easily. The format for writing an essay is usually a single paragraph, with a thesis statement followed by three to five paragraphs of support. The format for writing a letter is usually three paragraphs, with the first two paragraphs introducing the topic and giving background information.

Important points for Paper-II

  • When it comes to the Pen & Paper Exam, your paper must be descriptive in nature.
  • The exam is timed at 30 minutes.
  • The exam for visually impaired students lasts for 40 minutes.
  • Paper 1 is a qualifying paper where candidates qualify to appear in the advanced paper. Paper 2 is the advanced paper
  • All candidates must submit an essay/letter in English or any language included in the 8th schedule of the constitution.
  • This is a qualifying paper.
  • Paper 2 is an assessment to test how well you know English. If you’re interested, there is more information about it on the website of the Higher School Certificate.

How to Prepare for the SSC MTS Paper-II Exam?

The SSC MTS exam is the most difficult exam for graduates with a degree in any field. This includes science, commerce, arts, humanities, or languages. It’s often seen as one of the most difficult exams to sit for, and this is because it has high-level questions on every topic imaginable.

There is no single way to prepare for the exam, but then to seek some help of experts available at BYJU’s Exam Prep. Here are ways to prepare for the descriptive paper exam:

  • Read about all topics that appear in this exam.
  • Ensure you’re prepared with all the topics mentioned in your syllabus.
  • Find out about any changes in the syllabus, which may have just come into effect.
  • Make sure you know everything that is mentioned in your syllabus.

How to prepare for the Written Test in four Simple Steps?

You need to follow certain steps when preparing for the examination, and listed below are some of them.

  1. Identify the topics covered in the written test.
  2. Establish your goal for the written test.
  3. Determine what content you should study to prepare for the written test. The content will vary depending on your goal and the topic covered.
  4. Create a timetable based on these steps so that you can schedule your preparation time in advance to ensure that you are getting enough practice.

How FMs Can Take Action and Get Better Marks in SSC Paper II?

With the changing times, new methods are being introduced to students to improve their science class performance. Students are being encouraged to take action on their weaker areas. The best way to get better marks in high school science class is through taking the correct action. Students should try out different strategies for improvement and not just rely on notes from teachers. They must take more responsibility for their studies and get better grades and can also refer to BYJU’s Exam Prep.

SSC MTS Selection Process

In the event where there are two or more candidates who have achieved equal scores, the parameters in the order of preference for the SSC MTS Selection Process are mentioned below that are followed.

  • The higher score in Paper 2.
  • Candidate with elder DOB is given preference.
  • Taking the first name into account. The selection process lists the candidate with the same marks alphabetically of their first names.

There are only two stages that the candidate needs to clear. The first stage is Paper-I, and the second stage is Paper-II.

Therefore, these are some of the things to know about qualifying SSC MTS paper 2 examinations. It has a lot of importance in the whole selection process. Keep yourself updated with various topics and current affairs.


The SSC MTS exam is a big challenge for all aspirants. It is a very strict test and has a lot of difficult questions. The key to an aspirant’s success in this exam is his/her ability to think on his/her feet and come up with answers quickly. In other words, an aspirant need to be able to write out answers quickly. SSC MTS is a popular exam in India. It is a common practice among students to write essays for this exam. But, due to less time to write, it becomes difficult for them to manage their time and focus on their own writing.

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