How To Play Rummy: Rummy Game Online Rules and Terms

Are you familiar with the card game rummy? If you are a beginner, you need to know the game’s rules. The rules vary according to the type of rummy game. The basic rule is the same for every rummy game. But, there is a slight change in the value calculation. The article contains the standard terms and directions on how to play rummy online.


How to play rummy online?

  1. The card game rule

The card game rule is the standard rule of any rummy game. Here, the player starts with thirteen cards. The players need to make valid sequences using the 13 cards. The sequence can be any of the three- pure, impure, and triple sequence. And, the player having a pure series wins the game.

  1. The game rule

The cards get arranged from low rank to high rank in online rummy. The order is Ace, Jack, Queen, and King. Being the royal cards, Jack, King, and Queen have 10 points. On the other hand, the ace is 1 point. The game rule is that the player needs to have a valid declaration. You can fold the last card for the valid statement if you have arranged your cards according to the set or sequence. Once it gets checked, you will get declared the winner.


What is the joker rule in rummy?

A joker is a printed card in rummy online. You can use two jokers in 2- deck rummy. It gets selected randomly at the game’s starting. You can also use the joker as an alternative to any other card or a replacement card. It will help you to complete an impure sequence. If you get three jokers, then you will form an impure sequence.


What are the different types of sequences in rummy?

Mainly, rummy has three sequences. Besides this, two more sequences are also there based on the game rules. Let’s have a look at each of them in detail. 

Pure sequence– In this sequence, a group of three or more consecutive cards gets places from the same suite. It is the most significant sequence because a player cannot win the rummy game without this.

Impure sequence– This sequence is partially similar to the pure sequence because it also requires a group of three or more consecutive cars from the same suite. Unlike pure sequence, one card must be a joker to reach the valid declaration.

Triple in rummy– As the name suggests, triple cards are a group of three cards having the same rank but from different suites. You can also call the triple card rule an impure sequence because jokers also get used to forming the triple rule in rummy. 

The first life rule is nothing but the first pure sequence created in the rummy game.

The second life rule is also known as the second pure sequence. As you can get an idea from the word second, this rule cannot get created until the first rule accomplishes in a rummy game online


You need to know and understand the different rules before playing rummy. It is a fun game with multiple benefits. So, mug up the rules depending on the variations and play your first match successfully.


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