Online ludo

How to Play Online Ludo?

Ludo is a game loved through centuries and has existed forever in every Indian household. Fans of board games love to play Ludo and are ardent fans of both online and offline versions. The versions of Ludo have recently gained a lot of traction online as a real money Ludo game app where you can earn cash by defeating friends and rivals, making it a lucrative pastime for all players.


The new game format comes with several tweaks and turns that make it engaging. Even the classic version has injected itself with changes to adapt to the newer cadre of the audience that wants the game to have the right mix of nostalgia infused with fast-paced digital gameplay.

Connect to Social Media Platforms


Players should connect all their social media contacts to the game to begin enjoying online Ludo on a friendlier note. Players can send a link over messages, so their contacts are able to download the same. Sharing the game also helps you earn tokens in the game, which will help you gain more advantages as a beginner of online Ludo. Though online players are still available for beginners, it is quite useful to start with friends you already know, which increases your familiarity with the game and gives you time to learn and practice your skills.

Use of Tokens


Players should learn the use of tokens or coins in the game. Every action on online Ludo requires coins, so players must learn how many coins are required to play each game.

After learning how to get coins and use them, players have to select the number of coins required for every match and contribute them to the game accordingly.

Learn the Rules


Even though the game is similar to the classic board game, certain features separate the game and give it a different scale than the original. In real life, the game does not usually have a time factor governing it, but online; there is a period within which you have to roll the dice and move your piece accordingly. Players need to be acquainted with the provided time to match that according to their skill and play at level with their opponent. Also, the newly introduced game mode like Ludo Win has a completely different set of basic rules, so players need to go through all of their rules before starting a match.

Tap the dice to play Turns


Players need to tap on the dice to roll and score points to start the game. After the player has scored points, they get to move the pawn of their choice across the board towards the winning goal after finishing their turn of rolling the dice. The dice control is automatically turned over to the opponent, who gets to play his turn. The game mechanics make the numbers completely random, so there is no possibility of predicting what number might get rolled out next. If the player manages to score a six like in the real game, they get to play more turns and move their pieces further ahead towards the goal.

How To Play Ludo Win?


This mode of Ludo has been newly introduced for online versions. The game begins with each player being assigned a number under them. In the game, players have to avoid their tokens being eliminated by the other players. If it gets taken off from the board by either player, they are awarded more points in the game. Eventually, the one player with the most points in the game wins. Taking risks in this online format is key to winning. The numbers assigned to each player are the steps they can take with their token. The numbers are completely random, so the players need to be prepared and plan strategically. The assigned numbers are identical, but players can choose which piece to move forward. The difficulty level in this game increases as more players join the game, making moves random and unpredictable. To win, players must try to capture most of their rival’s pieces to get a higher score.


The classic game of Ludo has gone through various changes over the past few decades. Players love the original format, but in the age where everything is becoming a digital version of the original, Ludo had to incorporate more changes to adapt to the modern world. These inclusions have also made the game more enjoyable to the upcoming zoomers. Players now benefit from sharing Ludo with their families once they have gone through the newer facets of the online format. The above does just the same and leaves nothing out for the new enthusiastic players who decide to embark on their journey of online Ludo.


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