How to make your business website better – today

Anybody who doesn’t see the importance of their business website simply isn’t paying attention. As a result, they are likely to be missing a stack of potential customers who find their website then click away because it takes too long to load, looks terrible, or worse, like a scam site.

Many website owners shy away from doing anything about this because they think that sorting things out will take time or money that they simply don’t have. While this may be true for some sites, common problems for many simple websites can be corrected easily, usually within a day.

First things first

To be clear, though, this will not have you grabbing the top spot on Google overnight, but it will go some of the ways to keeping more visitors on your site, and help the revenue increase that is likely to go with it.  This revenue could then be invested in optimising your website using a reputable professional agency, which could then take your business website to another level entirely.

Before you get ahead of yourself, you need to check out the basics. The best place to start here is to look at things like your WordPress theme or any plugins or features that can be updated. Once you’ve logged on to your dashboard, you’ll see a host of reminders about what you will need to do. For the most part, this will involve ticking a few boxes and clicking update, but there are other things to look at.

You’ll see some of the things you used to make your website tick over might no longer be supported or updated. In this case, you need to look for alternatives that do the same job. Now you are running with the most up-to-date version of everything, you need to pay attention to how your website loads.

Helping load times

While updating or discarding some of your plugins might help things a bit, looking at your images can be a big step in shortening the amount of time your pages take to appear. The file size for many images uploaded to ‘DIY’ WordPress sites is often far greater than they need to be, and decreasing this size will increase load speed without affecting the quality of what you visitors sees. This is not rocket science, and there are plenty of online tutorials, including many YouTube videos that last less than five minutes.

Next is making sure all the pages on your menus still exist. This might not speed anything up, but very few things frustrate a potential customer more than trying to find what they want and being confronted with a series of 404 pages.

Likewise, if any content is painfully out of date, removing that content or redirecting the traffic to a more relevant URL on your site can focus traffic and decrease customer frustration.

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To wrap things up

Your business website, especially if you made it yourself, can be given a quick once over that can increase the number of visitors who are likely to stick around and do whatever you want them to do instead of clicking away and going elsewhere.

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In addition, simple tasks like updating the plugins and themes, sorting out images sizes, and a bit of housework regarding your content, can be done for little or no cost and can bring great results.

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