How To Make A Cheap, Awesome, DIY Curtain Rod?

Curtain Rod

A curtain rod is a rod or bar that you place on the wall for hanging curtains. From there, you can easily move the drapes to open or close them in order to get privacy and allow or block the incoming light.

You can get ready-made curtain rods in any style you want from any market. But if you want the customized rods and want to do this task by yourself, you can easily do that. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a cheap and beautiful curtain rod to make for yourself.

Today, we will teach you how to make a curtain rod by yourself at a budget-friendly cost. We will teach you in a step-by-step manner so that you will understand everything completely.

Material Required For Making A Curtain Rod

You can make the curtain rod by getting a few inexpensive materials from a hardware store that are listed below:

1. Pipes

You just need to get the piece of pipe in order to create a curtain rod. You can choose between PVC, wooden, copper, electrical conduit, or any other lightweight pipe for this purpose. Try to get a strong pipe that offers great durability and lasts for many years without getting damaged.

2. Pipe Cutter

Get the pipe cutter to cut your pipe as per the required size of the curtain rod.

3. Finials

The finials are placed on both sides of the rod to prevent the curtains from sliding off the rod. You can choose decorative hardware that you can easily place at both ends of the rod. You can also create your own finials with the help of doorknobs and old drawers.

4. Paint

Paint is used to give a specific color to your rod as per your requirements to match it with the interior decor of your space.

5. Curtain Hooks

Then have curtain hooks, grommets, rings, or hangers by which you can easily attach your curtains to the rod. Try to get powerful hooks that don’t break easily.

6. Rod Bracket

The rod brackets are used to keep the rod on the wall. Get those brackets that perfectly fit the pipe of your rod.

7. Screws

Get the screws to fasten your rod brackets to the wall.

8. Household Tools

Other tools that are also necessary that you can easily find at home, like a measuring tape, drill, screwdriver, sandpaper, etc.

Step By Step Procedure To Make A Curtain Rod By Yourself

1. Take Proper Measurements

Measurement is everything when you are going to make the curtain rods to cover your windows perfectly. Get the measuring tape and measure the width of your window frame from one side to another. Write the size on the paper and add a few inches from both sides to get the proper length of the rod.

2. Cut Pipe According To The Required Size

Now mark the pipe according to the measurement you have taken in the previous step. Then take the pipe cutter or saw to cut the rod carefully at the market places. If you are making a wooden rod, then take the sandpaper and sand from the ends of the rod.

3. Apply Paint On The Rod

If the rod and brackets don’t match the interior decor and curtains, paint them with the most suitable color. After applying the paint, let the rod and brackets dry.

4. Install The Brackets On The Wall

Measure the proper width and height at which you want to hang the curtain rod, and then mark them on both sides of your window. Then, with the help of a drill machine, install the brackets in the marked places.

5. Install The Rod At Different Lengths

You can also hang the curtains at different lengths to achieve various amazing effects. These effects can change the entire look of your room. For example, if you want to give a luxurious and modern touch, hang the curtains in the kiss on the floor method. The most famous effects are kissing the floor, being above the floor, swaggering, and puddling.

6. Attach The Curtain Rings On The Rod

Now take the curtain rings and slide them onto the rod. Always make sure that the number of rings matches the pins or hooks you have attached to the curtains to give proper pleats.

7. Attach Finials On The Rod

After placing all the rings on the rod, take the finials and attach them to both ends of the rod. If the finials don’t fit well on the rod, use some electrical tape to fit them around both sides to give a perfect fit.

8. Attach The Rod On The Wall

In this step, place the curtain rod on the brackets that you have installed on the wall. Try to fit the rod perfectly onto the brackets so it will never fall down in the future.

9. Hang The Curtains On The Rod

At this step, you are finally going to hang the curtains on the rod. Take the drapes and clip each pin onto the rings. After attaching all the pins, you can move the curtains onto the rod and easily open and close them to get privacy and allow or block external light.

10. Now Analyze The Transformed Look Of Your Space

This is the last step. Look at your curtains and analyze the perfect change that occurs in your space. If it gives a unique and outstanding appearance, congrats, you finally made the perfect curtain rod.


So, this is the step-by-step guide for making a cheap and stunning rod for your curtains. We hope you will definitely like this tutorial and apply these methods to achieve better results. If you face any problems while doing this, then post a comment and tell us about it. Our professionals will guide you by giving the best possible solution. Stay connected with us to get more interesting DIY like this.

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