How To Learn Tajweed Of Quran

Many individuals inquire about how to study quran icta jweed because they desire to follow God’s commands, as Allah encouraged them to do in the verse: “ورتلالقرآنترتيل “ It contains a divine command to recite the Qur’an with proper pronunciation, a lovely voice, and in accordance with specific reading standards.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that: the one who hardly recites the Qur’an, while trying to improve his recitation and pronunciation; he will have a double reward, Allah will reward him once for his recitation, and another reward for his efforts!

We will assist you with your Quran recitation via the legitimate techniques described in this post if you are searching for how to learn tajweed of the Quran in order to be one of those who get this twofold prize.

What is the most valuable thing that you will learn from Tajweed?

You will be able to recite the Qur’an without making any errors if you study Tajweed. There are two kinds of faults: big ones that impact the meaning and small ones that do not.

Hidden mistakes (لحنخفيّ ) are errors that do not alter the meaning and can only be discovered by tajweed experts. The errors that alter the interpretation of the verse are referred to be apparent blunders (لحنجليّ), since they are easily detectable by anybody who understands Arabic.

How to learn tajweed of quran?

We must explain that there are two sides to the learning process in order to answer the issue of how to learn the tajweed of Quran

Theoretical approach


1  At the start of the Tajweed learning process, you must first understand the rules. During this theoretical study, you will discover concepts like merging letters (الإدغام ), hiding letters (الإخفاء), and revealing letters (الإظهار).

You’ll also have a better idea of where you should stop and where you should continue, and so on.

The applied approach

We go on to the applied portion of tajweed after learning the rules of tajweed, which involves practise while reciting the Qur’an according to the principles you learned in the theoretical part.

Follow these guidelines to properly implement tajweed rules:

·        Recite the Qur’an every day, even if it’s just a few lines or verses.

·        Don’t hurry through the Quran; take your time. You will notice a substantial increase in your performance over time.

·        Continue to listen to Quran reciters who are well-known and reliable, such as Sheikh Al-Hosari and Sheikh Al-Minshawi.

·        Try to look up the meanings of the verses; the more you know about what you’re reading, the better you’ll be able to repeat it correctly.

·        Join Quran online Classescourse or learn Tajweed from a qualified instructor.

Be Quran will teach you how to study the tajweed of the Quran correctly, by a group of qualified instructors, with a great degree of flexibility in terms of levels and time, to ensure a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

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